Some sites / projects worth of link sharing:

News in English

Hacker News - Business, startup, developer and technology news.

The Economist - Economy in depth, with proper analysis.

New Scientist - Excellent science magazine.

Other tools worth mentioning & linking

7-Zip - Ultimate free data compression tool.

DuckDuckGo - Awesome privacy preserving internet meta search engine.

Mojeek - Alternate independent search engine with it's own index.

Firefox - The open, extensible and configurable web browser.

Fish - The modern shell option for Linux shell.

GnuPG - The way to encrypt and sign data.

Age Crypt - Modern public key encryption tool.

KeePass - Secure password manager application.

LibreOffice - The best free office software package.

Matrix (protocol) / Element (one of client implementations) - The modern open source, self-hosted e2ee instant messenger

Nginx - The best open source web server.

PostgreSQL - The open source database, used for more demanding projects.

Python - Excellent too for data manipulation, scripting, gluing components together.

SQLite - Locally store and query data with fast, reliable and efficient SQL database.

Thunderbird - The classic and full featured email client including email encryption.

Ubuntu - One of the free Linux based operating system distributions.

VLC - The only (multi codec) media player you'll ever need.

Online guides for Privacy & Anonymity:

Privacy Guides - The guide to restoring your online privacy.

AnonymousPlanet - The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Online Anonymity

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