Yet another mixed mega dump from backlog

Post date: Nov 30, 2013 2:43:05 PM

Quite random stuff, many of these things I should really write out extensively. But because these have been sitting way too long in the backlog, I'm just going to dump stuff as I have stored it in backlog. Post is totally mixed stuff. I did weed out the topics, I'm going to write hopefully soon out in more detail. Therefore, sorry, no links to sources etc.

  • I wrote a light JSON / SQL RPC gateway using Python and basic auth. Works very well. Engineers said it would be too complex to make generic SQL interface. It took me about one hour to proof of concept. Query contains SQL statement and data is returned in JSON format and authentication is basic auth over SSL (HTTPS). Of course thi solution is very insecure, but it's also ultimately versatile.
  • Tested Google Chrome OS with my laptop. It's very nice and light weight. All we need, are apps that run in web browser / from cloud/net. That's it, it's huge paradigm shift in computing habits. After that replacing damaged / lost computer gets way easier. I have used way too much time recovering lost data.
  • Challenges of organic software growth and refactoring etc. Which finally makes product totally unmaintainable.
  • Other stuff I've been studying: Software product localization, cloud security alliance, APaaS, IaaS integration as a service, private cloud, mixed cloud. Multi-tenant applications, CloudFlare, cloudfront, business process, service oriented architecture, Knowledge management, structured information, how commitment is essential for success (nothing new), information quality, enterprise architecture, facebook integration, ajax, REST, HTML5, risk analysis, business strategy, business capabilities, business intelligence, master data. Integration testing, data access, test cases, load testing, master data, file naming, record id, data verification, transactions.
  • SVG files contain executable content and can be security and privacy issue.
  • Studied a book about Titanium, PhoneGap, cocoonjs and native iOS / Android development options.
  • Efficient feedback, automatic retry logic, extensive exception handling, database indexes, database performance, security point of view. I should write a nice blog entry about all that. DevOp role. What I found out that really didn't work out in production etc. With experience most of those things can be fixed at design state, before bad design has been implemented.
  • The objective of a Cloud Services Broker (CSB) is to manage the complexity of the growing number, and types, of multi-enterprise integration. This eBook will teach you how to connect to multiple cloud providers seamlessly, leverage a CSB in your cloud strategy and integrate back-end systems in the cloud.
  • Real-time integration, error handling, retries, etc. Versus traditional file based approach. How many ways there is to fail with both implementations. I'm well experienced failing in both, so I know how not to fail.
  • Spent one weekend with friends talking and deeply thinking about game economics & virtual money.
  • I have heard way too many times, that this product is so complex that nobody is able to understand it without several weeks of training etc. How to simplify things so it's easier to maintain and use technically complex products.
  • I just wonder how people are able to use way more complex products without any official training. I would like to ask if you paid 2000 USD/EUR for your Gmail training or user certificatio? Or are you just super smart, I mean if you were able to figure it out without that mandatory (?) training.
  • I also wonder how open source developer tools like python, java, mysql etc can be used without any training at all. I think it isn't required if products are properly designed and users who're going to use those have some sense what they're going to do.
  • Finished reading: Web landing page and UX optimizations to providing better user experience book.
  • Read several Wikipedia articles and few others about topics: Capitalism, Free trade, protectionism, economy, politics, socialism, globalization, colonialism, imperialism, nationalism, balanced trade, fair trade, Tobin tax, mercantilism, mixed economy, planned economy, social democracy, Nordic model. About five hundred pages of this stuff, just to improve my generic economy knowledge. I personally have always liked idea of free trade, and wondered farming and ship building subsidies paid by EU and Finland. What's the point, if it's bad business, you shouldn't do it.
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