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  • Had a long really discussions about WLAN handover / handoff and roaming, using different access points client devices and so on. If something like IEEE 802.11r provides benefits and how to achieve seamless roaming. But AFAIK, there's no seamless handoff with WLAN. It's not even possible, it's has not ever been designed for such feature. WiFi Handoff latency reduction (PDF). WLAN networks aren't managed by controller, WLAN networks are always fully managed by the CLIENT. So the controller can't make that much difference. Mobile networks are managed by network controller, and mobile clients are just slaves which must follow the rules dictated by the network. Only way to circumvent that is to use single provider custom solution, which technically speaking isn't WLAN / WiFi "compatible" anymore, but it's a technology shearing some features, while being a proprietary solution. And only works with specific type of hardware and drivers and .... Yep, that's deep stuff. But sometimes is required.
  • Here are some facts: UniFI Fast Roaming - Then they claimed that the 1 second roaming time is really bad. My personal opinion is that 1 second roaming time is already really good. They clearly don't know what bad means. I've seen situations where roaming takes minute or more causing complete network stall during that time.
  • History: Some cool systems also support seamless hard handover, like DECT did. But with current Internet devices there's pretty little interest of having seamless handover, because IP network is never fixed latency network anyway. True seamless handover (is it hard or soft handover) doesn't cause ANY extra latency when it happens. WLAN / WiFi already is already huge random variance (jitter) in latency due to re-transmissions and stuff, so having seamless handover sounds kind of silly. Also many protocols and devices are designed in a way that it's actually impossible to achieve it, due to system design.
  • Eezy Keys - Yet another email encryption solution, with it's own pros and cons. Including all the GDPR threats, hmm. Once again integration solution risks. They claim, they don't have access to your email, yes they do. They claim they don't see your password, yes they do. They claim they don't have access to private keys, yes they do. They claim they don't have backdoors, for now. - Because it's integrated solution, they can at anytime provide version of the software which breaks all of these guarantees. If the situation is right, of course they won't do that lightly. As long as there's auto update mechanism for the software, you can't trust any of the claims or audited software is having. Because those are all trivially and instantly breakable.
  • B2 APIs Design Thinking - Basic considerations when utilizing "Contract Concept". These decisions are present with every software being written. What's the requirements and what's the best implementation and what pros and cons different approaches provide.
  • Cloudflare / Internet in Africa - A very nice post, nothing new really. But great review of the situation and the future.
  • Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) @ Wikipedia - Isn't as useful in practical world than it's on paper. NSCS assessment whitepaper about Quantum Key Distribution (QKD).
  • There are some reports circulation on the net about people using in-game purchase to launder money. What a joke, that was already happening in the 90s. Hardly anything new at all. Of course it was forbidden, but ...
  • Something different? Simulation hypothesis - Maybe "this" is just a simulation, who knows? I guess nobody really knows if that's true or not. Reality escape exploits?