Wireless, Privacy, Faster TCP, UpCloud, LoadStorm etc.

Post date: Jan 29, 2012 4:38:16 PM

I have been glued to computer and my mobile terminal. And I have managed to to following stuff during this week.

  • Refresing memory and catching up with latest development around: mimo, ofdm, ssb, qam, lte, 3g, 4g, hspa+, umts, dual carrier (dual cell)
  • Read about possibly upcoming new EU privacy / data protection law. It might be very hard hit for small web sites. Would anyone really expect those to follow this kind of legalization?
  • Checked out Google's new privacy policy & terms of service.
  • I have always loved optimizing TCP protocol by tweaking parameters. Now there is nice article about making Internet faster by tweaking TCP functionality and parameters.
  • Tried out UpCloud, new cloud service. Details of the service are not yet public, therefore I can't tell too much about it. But let's hope service is soon available for everyone.
  • Quickly tested load testing service LoadStorm.
  • Lots of discussion in LinkedIn IT Security, Startup, SaaS, Cloud Computing groups.
  • Read tons of news, and magazines about tech stuff, developers tools and startups.