WikiTribune, Ukraine, Index fund, Apps, Information

  • WikiTribune is interesting project. But it remains to be seen, how well it will work out. Because it can be either awesome, or flunk totally. Let's hope all the best for it. Because world is so full of zero media nowadays.
  • It's interesting to follow Donetsk and Luhansk area related news. Because depending which news site you read, the views are quite different. Is it pro Russia or Ukraine site. This shows immediately that the there are very different views, for same events, and who decides which of those news are 'fake news'. - For many people it seems way too easy to forget, that the main stream media is also full of fake news, depending from the view points. - Another case where reading Russian media (and even some opinionated Finnish minority news sites) gave very different views from others, was the shooting down of the MH17.
  • Index fund do not make contradiction trade. They sell when other sell and buy when others buy, which is historically proven to be a bad strategy. Also if large part of market value is in index funds, it will make stock market more volatile and unstable by reinforcing natural fluctuations. - If the raise of index funds continue, it might be possible to make very good profits by stock picking, because majority of investors aren't bothering to do that. - Yo, just go with the flow? - When everyone's selling, you should be buying.
  • Quickly tried note taking application called Laverna. I was truly amazed about what kind of extreme bloat crap ware they're able to make. Don't you find it absolutely ridiculous that extra simple text editor takes 122 megabytes? Starting the application older Linux test server took several minutes due endless swapping. Also starting the application ate amazing amounts of CPU time. I probably should have clocked that, because I'm sure it's several minutes. I started really to wonder if it will ever start of if they're trolling with while true loop the users. If it starts up. I could nominate this one of the uttermost bloatware I've seen. Minimal functionality, ultra bloated. No programs with lot of features aren't bloatware. Simple programs with tons of bloat, are the true bloatware. Starting has taken at least 3 minutes now. 15:00 start time, let's see when it actually starts, if ever. Interestingly if you drag the Laverna window, CPU drops to near zero. When you release mouse button, it shoots up to 100% again. At least 11 minutes from start. I'm getting curious. 20 minutes full. After 25 minutes I stopped the application and relaunched it. Now it started in somewhat sane time. But what happened with the first run? Seems to be sluggish and bloated, as I expected. I'm done with it. Even if this application class note taking apps, is something what I'm actually looking for.
  • About disinformation systems, friend sent me a screenshot, where the public transit system says that his bus is leaving every minute to the destination. Ahem, I wish that would be true. Once again people are mislead by advanced disinformation systems. This is not a problem, as long as people aren't stupid enough to believe the information provided by the systems. But scarily many people just trust whatever information they're given. At least my friend was immediately like wtf, this is bs.
  • Watched Digital Silk Road documentary. It was really disturbing how the interviewed agent talked all the time about avatar and not about handle or something similar. Sigh.
  • Once again, users lost their essential credentials. Come one, what makes you think, you're worth of credentials, if you can't even manage those? When someone says they've lost their private key, I just should say something extremely rude to them, and wish them good luck finding the old key. If you can't manage doing that, you're not worthy of the credentials to begin with. Even more ridiculous when people involved are management or key operators. This follows well the earlier observations about security, people don't give a bleep, and therefore making something secure, is practically impossible.