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  • Why are so mane web pages so incredibly slow? No it's not a browser fault. Just so many web sites are full of absolute s.it... Nothing new unfortunately. Best fix? Don't visit such sites, only select quality sites without shite, hahah. I really like some quality sites, where everything is loaded from a single server with HTTPS. No spying, no crap, no junk, no useless fonts, no useless crap javascript libraries, social media buttons, etc. - It seems that many web shites are similar kind of bloat crap'o'ware just as software often nowadays is. It's kind of funny that someone complains about bandwidth consumption and slowness and at the same time they're doing everything they can, to make sites slow and add more junk and crap to annoy users and waste more system resources. Great examples are some news sites where the content is less than 1 KB of some full junk text without any facts and the total page load is still over 8 megabytes. Good job, great content to crap ratio. Signal to noise (SNR). As example, Wikipedia works well. Some people claim that AMP pages solve the problem. No, the AMP isn't the solution. The problem is that the pages are full of junk to begin with.
  • Watched documentary about Internet security. It was just as alarming as it can be, and world today is. All data exposed, hackable and networks deeply penetrated using advanced persistent threats. It's a major problem that intelligence agencies hoard all data, and therefore become itself very valuable targets and data can be then centrally stolen from them. Yes, it's hard and requires serious attackers, but it has been done and will happen in future again.
  • Where will AGI come from? - A very nice presentation. Nothing to comment, it will still take a lot(?) of time before we see true AGI. - Unfortunately it seems that the presentation has been removed, so I can't link to it. Sad state of link and content rot of the Internet.
  • Reminded my self about goTenna, Satellite Internet and HF-radio.
  • Guide to Data Mining - Pretty basic stuff, but great for you if you don't know the basics. Kind of stuff I like. kw: Manhattan distance, Euclidean distance, Minkowski distance, Pearson Correlation Coefficient, Cosine similarity, Implementing k-nearest neighbors, Slope One Algorithm, Data normalization, Modified Standard Score, kNN algorithm, Bayes Theorem.
  • The new Outlook Beta doesn't allow viewing email headers. I guess it's no surprise that Microsoft Engineers do not understand anything about email headers and therefore think it's not necessary to allow users to view those? Another interesting observation was that Microsoft seems to use HTTPS as email transport. That's not surprising at all. ref: "with HTTPS via". Also removing 'learned addresses' is disabled. Which is once again, I'm not even going to say how annoying it is. It's not pretty anyway.
  • What's a network interface by Julia Evans. Very nice. I've been so much complaining about people claiming that IPv6 is disaster, because it doesn't use NAT. To learn a bit about alternative approaches, like network interfaces. But this seems to be way too hard to get for most of people. Just read this post, thanx. This post unfortunately doens't cover IPv6, but gives you basic understanding about interfaces. Also lots of User Acceptance Testing (UAT) changes, as usual.
  • Oh joy, SAP integration projects are fun. So many minor details to tweak and tweak over and over again, and then everything's working, and ... No, we want to change this and it would be better if ... Well, actually it's just work and business as usual. Endless mapping and parsing and formatting code. But does that really provide any actual value? Isn't that something which shouldn't be required?
  • Unsurprisingly there are phishing attack warnings during the summer. Just send email ask something, surprisingly many people just give what you asked. Instead of checking if the request was actually properly authorized or not.