VPN, WiFi, DNSSEC, Python3, SPA, Barracuda

  • Tinc VPN - Nice, yet another VPN solution. Yet this one seems to be very handy. Yet personally I do prefer secure protocols and generally hardened services without "trust zones". Don't trust IP address or Subnet. Trust authenticated user / client. Yet configuration seems to be for experts. So sure, nerds are able to use this. But for "normal users", nope, not going to work. Of course some products are designed for experts by experts.
  • Really strange, as strangely as the WiFi channel 13 disappeared from my phone, it came back. As many have reported, there seems to be issues with this on multiple devices, which is quite annoying. Even rebooting and removing sim, etc, didn't fix it. When the issue was on. But now everything's working again. And no, it's not about the base station because, I used several other devices to verify that the beacon was present. These kind of problems and issues are the best, breaks down and resumes operation seemingly randomly without any connection to anything else. Ok, I know there's exact connection to something, I just don't happen to know what it is.
  • DNSSEC key rotation / key rollover, very nice post by CloudFlare. KW: DNSSEC, DNS, DNSKEY, KSK, ZSK, HSM, life cycle, RFC5011-roll, root-servers, RFC8145, Trust Anchor, failure models.
  • Python 3 / Tkinter - Phew, even more problems with tkinter. Extremely simple setup, and it just keeps crashing, crashing and crashing. I think it's completely broken and extremely brittle and annoying to use. Maybe I'll need to completely restructure the code and abandon single window approach with multi-window approach and so on. And even then, constant crashing remains a problem. Most annoyingly the crash happens when the program is exiting. So everything necessary has already happened and is working. Only the sys.exit() call crashes. After thinking a while. Maybe that' exactly the problem. Maybe I shouldn't call exit to terminate program. I have to investigate even more. Even extremely minimalist test programs tend to crash, without any clear indication between crashing and non crashing code paths. I've simplified many things to bare minimums, to allow easier analysis, but still no win. - I've read many other similar stories, and there's no solution there. But I know it's probably something extremely small which is triggering this. At least I were able to find one way of getting the crash to repeat. importing one library which fails even in try catch statement always leads to tkinter to crash. Yet I've got no idea why. Only good thing about all this, is that the issue is easy to repeat. It would be much worse if it would happen seldom.
  • Made some Single Page Application (SPA) experiments with Materialize, Vue.js and so on. I think this would require extra weeks of experimentation. I'm also highly divided on the fact that if I really should learn JavaScrip well or if I can use some workarounds and dismal JavaScript skills to get things done, "easier". Also read lot about JavaScript Frameworks for SPA pages. As expected results were similar as I've mentioned several times earlier with other development. If you can do it, you don't need bunch of bloated framework code. Especially if you need very limited set of features and you're very well aware what it requires in detail level. That's why I often choose to implement a few required short functions my-self versus using some bloated massive framework to get that simple task done done.
  • Something different: Barracuda (Suffren) class submarine. I was also surprised that France ordered more Mirage 2000D planes. I had to also check out Diverterless Supersonic Inlet (DSI) and Toss bombing and finally Supermaneuverability.