VPN, RICL, CF Registrar, EasyJet, Yucc, CAD, Office 365

  • Had more long discussions about VPN. We decided that it's best to go with bitcoin paid anonymous VPS server without logs, and our own configuration and management. We also wrote shared agreements with the payer, that we're all using the service, and there are no logs. If something happens which requires investigation, there's no (easy) technical way of telling who was the user involved with that specific case.
  • Just noting a great science motivation stuff for children. The BBC Royal Institution Christmas Lectures, it's extremely well presented science stuff with really nice demonstrations. Excellent job. It's so well presented. Also the use of animals and other real live demonstrations is absolutely excellent. I've watched it almost every year, just letting it play on screen and listening.
  • As I mentioned earlier, it seems that many of my friends are running IPv6 on services. It's so much easier to deal with IPv6 than with IPv4. There's no need for IPv4 anymore, if the service isn't "public" and even then, you can use something like Cloudflare, to provide IPv4 HTTPS access, even if the server would have IPv6 only connectivity. IPv6 adoption is progressing.
  • Awesome development, EU bug bounties for FOSS . I'm really happy to see 7-zip and other almost irreplaceable tools there which I'm using daily. Which actually made me to donate money to 7-zip and Keepass too.
  • First I moved my domain DNS to Cloudflare and now I've also moved my domain to Cloudflare as registrar.
  • EasyJet is pushing car hires so hard, they're losing customers. This is extremely common and unfortunate business model with web shops. They're pushing over priced extra services so hard, they're completely losing their customers and those are heading to competitors. I haven't ever understood this model, it's absolutely and totally moronic. But I guess they're making so shitloads of money, they're directly telling the customers to GTFO because we just don't give a bleep. Even technically oriented people experience purchasing from their crap apps impossible. What about normal users? But this is kind of fun, because nobody needs to bother to DDoS their services, because they've already got such a crappy service, that they're in persistent denial of service mode.
  • Using last-mile exchange to make home delivery of goods much more efficient. Sure, nothing new, it's just like shared cars. It's clear that there's a lot that can be done to improve efficiency. Of course that also can bring several kind of drawbacks. One example is of course the LastMilXchange web-site. (Not linking on purpose)
  • Played with YUCC. Which is a UpCloud API Command Line Interface. It's nice to have ready client, even I often like making my own request library if it's trivial like it is in this case. Nice and easy to get everything running from CLI and or to integrate everything to alternate management system, scaling cloud resources on demand and so on. Also checked out thew new UpCloud HUB management console.
  • Changed bunch of CAD workstations, and overhauled some. It's extremely annoying that CPU replacement required full Windows system re-installation. I did similar upgrades on Linux workstations as well, and no problems whatsoever were found. Some of the systems were upgraded with high end SSDs and I used Clonezilla easily to transfer data from old HDD to SSD without any need for re-installation with Linux workstations. Not my daily job, but it's good to do different tasks every now and then.
  • Office 365 security. I revoked all access and changed password. But many things are still working using the old password. It's strange that it takes so long before revoking access. I think this is a security flaw. Because the delay is way too long, if you're expecting that revoking access would actually stop the ability to access the data. It takes almost 24 hours.
  • Something different: 9K720 Iskander, Joint Sigint Cyber Unit (JSCU).