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Post date: Feb 26, 2017 7:20:19 AM

  • I've got an idea how to improve VDSL2 speeds a lot. Service provider says that only VDSL2 connectivity is available. So we all know that VDSL2 speed sucks, especially with long or poor quality wires. There are two ways how VDSL2 speed can be radically improved.
    • 1) Use CAT6 cabling for VDSL2
    • 2) Connect the VDSL2 modem directly to VDSL DSLAM with short < 2M CAT6 #cable and then use Ethernet signaling from that point to the end destination.
    • After short testing found out that both solutions work well, and provide clearly superior speeds compared to CAT3 cabling. Internet networking. Especially the configuration option 2. should provide guaranteed stable full speed VDSL2 connection.
  • Google+ got so strong Filter Bubble on stuff being shown, that it's annoying. It makes content you'll see very very narrow, even stuff you've been interested about a year ago is totally forgotten, unless you'll keep being interested about it all the time (weekly). It's good idea to remind yourself about this problem. It's old 2001 TED "filter bubbles" talk, but it's more relevant than ever.
  • Even more rage with Nvidia "quality display adapters". There are horrible peace of ****. Absolutely. I cn agree with Linus that Nvidia is total disaster. Probably I'll by cheapest Intel display adapter, and it'll work and perform much better than expensive Nvidia junk. Coders have been fixing this issue for several years now, and it's still same fail. Amazing piece of junk. - Working time trying to get Nvidia to work costs considerably more than their products. What a waste! I totally agree about Intel GPUs being clearly superior. Nvidia also nicely floods my dmesg log: [12496.161542] nouveau 0000:01:00.0: Xorg[1385]: fail set_domain [12496.161544] nouveau 0000:01:00.0: Xorg[1385]: validating bo list [12496.161546] nouveau 0000:01:00.0: Xorg[1385]: validate: -22
    • I ended up selling my Nvidia adapter away, it was just so bad.
  • GitLab: How We Knew It Was Time to Leave the Cloud - The CephFS latency chart seems extremely painfully familiar. It's just incredibly slow at times and there are hot spots causing total extended lockups at times. As expected, everything they wrote, was very very true. Been there, done that. Nothing new.
  • BlackNurse attack - Did I just complain a while ago about inefficient bad code. It seems that many companies are able to produce it. including high profile ones. Yes, this problem is caused by simply bad inefficient code. There's generic name for these attacks. Resource consumption attack. Btw. It seems that ZyWall USG 50 requires less than 10Mbit/s of traffic to basically go brain dead due to CPU load. Works like a charm.
  • I have Toyota Corola - Lol. Been there done that. I've also supported people with all kind of strange issues, just because they managed to find my email or phone number from some related file. It's amazing how little people appreciate open source and free projects. As well as they don't get the fact that the developer might not run 24/7 generic ICT expert helpdesk just for them.
  • Britain's new surveillance law. Well? That was quite expected. Because there is data, they want to access it. That's the norm. IoT is going to lead to interesting issues / matters in future. And the government surveillance isn't the one, you really should worry about.
  • Read United Nations reported about "Robots and Industrialization in Developing Countries". Interesting and bit scary thing to read. But I guess it's nothing new to us whom are working with technology daily and follow global politics, business and global economy. Automation is going to replace jobs and there's nothing that can be done to prevent that. Only efficient business work and if things are inefficient, it doesn't work out. Anything being done to stop development is guarateed to backfire really badly. This issue has been covered in history over and over again. Try prevent progress and even if it might seem like a good idea for a while, it's guaranteed to cause major long term damage. Made in China 2025 strategy, Industrial Robots.