Ubuntu 11.10, uswsusp, upstart, G+ is Buzz, ntp

Post date: Oct 23, 2011 6:13:00 AM

Bit less stuff this time, I have been exceptionally busy with non-computer stuff:

  • Distribution upgraded workstations to Ubuntu 11.10. Every upgrade had it's own problems. One computer required reinstalling grub2, without reinstall booting resulted as grub rescue prompt. One computer didn't start apache2 after upgrade and also left initd running and wasting about all power from one CPU core. Interesting experience, but clearly pure waste of time.
  • Ubuntu's hibernate still seems to be bit unreliable, therefore I replaced it with uswsusp on all machines requiring hibernating. It just works.
  • Ubuntu 11.10 is using Upstart. Unfortunately I didn't have enough time to dig through it's guts, but I have to do it bit later.
  • Found out that when trying to access Google+ with my mobile browser. It clearly says that Google Buzz doesn't support browsing nearby Buzzes with my device. That's way interesting. So it seems that Google+ is at least partly same stuff as Google Buzz. Just as installing Windows'98 said in one setup screen that Windows'95 is being installed.
  • Wondered why computers clock isn't showing right time. I found out that ntp1.funet.fi doesn't respond anymore. Now all clocks are being synced from time1.mikes.fi.