Topic Dump 2016 - Summer Reading

Post date: Sep 11, 2016 8:24:57 AM

Some of my summer reading summary 2016

Read one database related book. Here's just some keywords from that: Overview of the Databases Google Cloud Bigtable, NoSQL, wide-column-store, DynamoDB, SimpleDB, solid-state drive (SSD) or hard-disk drive (HDD), read- and write-operations-per-second (IOPS). Consistent or eventually consistent, on-demand rate for reads and writes, Reserved Capacity (RC), Redshift, cluster, queries per second (QPS), scalar, performance, read-heavy or write-heavy, provisioned, storage, cost-effective, workloads, schema design.

Read: Scale of Pervasive Monitoring - Related keywords: XKEYSCORE, infosec, security, threats, plain text, encrypted, statistically improbable phrases, DPRIVE and DANE and DNSSEC, Classified information, QUANTUMHAND, QUANTUMINSERT, hijack the DNS request. Browser exploit, race condition, IETF, Middleboxes, appliance, vulnerability, privacy, pervasive surveillance, guidelines for privacy considerations, human rights, freedom of expression? Privacy and security, confidentiality, arbitrary interference, communications. Anonymising, physical identity, religious group, political affiliation, technology, technologists, historic context. Technological community, DNSSEC , basically centralises everything, powerful adversary, new vector, manipulated. Cryptographic agility, requirements analysis, customer? Corporations, significant influence, mechanisms, DLP, Data Loss Prevention, security based protocols, secure protocol, mitigate, resources. Capability, technological sophistication. Own certificate authority, qualifications, root on all the systems. NSA. They've got the Tailored Access Operations (TAO) office. And then no matter what kind of personal security products that person is using, what kind of encryption they’re using, it doesn't help them because the NSA is now their systems administrator. How do we have a meaningful conversation without the NSA knowing who's talking to whom, but the big thing might be for money. Tokenization, proof of work. Tokens that authenticate a common persona, an anonymous persona, a shared persona, you can do that. When you want to move to pseudonymous persona, you can do that. Protocol space, technical community, academic community, internet access providers and network service providers. Collaborating mechanisms? Create new incentives, global security problems, Internet communications, metadata , user preference, intercepted, manipulated, interjected. User's communications, interact, associations, connections, standards, our protocols, our technology, the systems that armour, betray, monetise, take advantage, compliant, engage, transparent, opt-in. Surveillance or intelligence gathering regulatory framework, political context, academic contexts, security context, user context, practical context. CrypTech project, elliptic curves, quantum resistant cryptography. Asymmetric algorithms, factorisation or discreet log, cyphertext, ephemeral, perfect forward secrecy (PFS), quantum cryptanalysis. Man-in-the-middle (MitM) attacks, WebRTC, out-of-band authentication. Challenge/response, controversial, subversion, real concerns. Human agents, weaken encryption, pwn everybody, destroyed internet security, intentions, capabilities. Top-level adversaries, nearly infinite resources, method of subversion, method for access, suspicious contributions, enemy agent, find the weaknesses, inclusive community, compromised. Wireless security, SHENANIGANS, wireless logins, RF spectrum, "We kill people based on metadata", roll back to my identity, effective means, inaudible IDs, common criminals. Trickle down problem, intelligence programs, agencies. Extraordinary resources, extraordinary capabilities, new capabilities. Subvert, narrow circumstances, alternate mechanism, used against everybody, crazy, extremely paranoid. Obvious solutions, Intelligence Community, military spending, infrastructural, fundamental , vulnerable, ban encryption, backdoor, weaken security standards, jurisdiction. Global constituency, enlightened, compromises, Technology and Democracy, hi-tech, experts, knowledge to understand and control the system.

Read: Finnish Tiedustelulaki (Enquiry Act) Related keywords in Finnish: Electronic Frontier Finland - Effi ry Effi: Tiedustelulaki uhkaa perusoikeuksia, parallel constructionin, Yhdysvaltojen NSA:n tai Venäjän FSB:n massavalvonnan tielle ei tule missään nimessä lähteä, ei edes ajautua. Tietoturvalaki, massavalvonnan, vakoilutapaus, Muutenkin demokratiaa rapauttaa ns. chilling effect, eli ihmisten vapauden tunteen menetys jatkuvan valvonnan alaisena olemisen stressistä. Ei pidä unohtaa Digital Rights Ireland -tuomiota viime vuodelta. Siinä Euroopan unionin tuomioistuin piti oikeasuhtaisuusedellytyksen vastaisena sellaista viestintätietojen tallentamista, joka kohdistui laajaan ihmisjoukkoon ilman perusteltua rikosepäilyä. Mikäli edessä on törmäys tulevan lainsäädännön ja perustuslain kanssa, ei tule vetää sitä erheellistä johtopäätöstä, että perustuslain tulee väistää. Tällainen olisi erittäin vakava asia: ?tavallinen? laki ei ole eikä sen tulekaan olla painoarvoltaan sama kuin ?perustavaa laatua? olevan. Electronic Frontier Finland - Effi ry on perustettu puolustamaan kansalaisten sähköisiä oikeuksia. Tällaisia ovat esimerkiksi oikeus sensuroimattomaan viestintään, kohtuullisiin käyttöehtoihin digitaalista sisältöä ostettaessa sekä vapaus kehittää ja julkaista avoimia tietokoneohjelmia.

Read: Freicoin - Keywords: Money As Debt, Freicoin, Freicoin currency, distributed network. Demurrage fee? Crowdfunding, money prohibition. Broken monetary system. Sustainability and biodiversity. Economical relations. Online merchants? What is a "block", a "hash", "generation", "mining"? More Praise for Rework.

Read: Rework by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson - It turned out that my highlights of the book was about 25kb of text. So it would probably count as copyright infringement. So I'm not posting it here. Yet, it was a awesome read. Go and get your own copy. I agreed with it. So much about all kind of cool values, just get the stuff done.