Topic Dump 2016-1

Post date: Sep 11, 2016 8:18:14 AM

Oh, it seems that I haven't done mega dump since 2014. So, there are entries which I've been planning to blog about but haven't blogged. Some small notes related to earlier posts and other thoughts and links. More or less random stuff from backlog.

  • Some notes about ephemeral keys about GPG ephemeral keys,
  • Last modified time stamp and using tombstone records in queue.
  • Should be added to the queue optimization post.
  • Etags should prefer little endian encoding. Yet it technically doesn't matter, it's a blob which either matches or not.
  • Vendor relationship management.
  • Sites which I'm developing and systems, usually use tokenization and avoid PII as much as possible.
  • Attented ICT Expo 2015.
  • A nice post about Gustavo about Floating Point joys. " If 1+x is 1, how much is 1-x? "
  • Google's Project Loon - It's interesting to see if they really got that to fly in global production. - If you wonder the pun on fly was intentional.
  • OpenBazaar commit 58463c26370203b71f31ac8fb1ef20311685c9cf fixed some issues. Confirmed it: I can report that the networking & performance fixes seem to be success. After running client for 12 hours with current market base 111512 megs of ram is being used and CPU load is marginal runtime is ~23 minutes for ~12 hours, that makes about 3% of one core. Before these fixes runtime was easily 10 hours for 12 hours when I forced process affinity to one core and niced it down. Basically the process used all CPU resources it got. There's still a problem that it's single process & single thread, it might become an issue later.
  • Installed Windows 10 Preview.
  • Some worrying but not surprising news about security. Note, this isn't Tor flaw. Exploiting exit nodes is really old stuff. But it's different when someone actually uses known stuff for gain, versus that it just being thing that someone can do.
  • China did run MitM attack against
  • I'm still not big fan of shared co-working spaces. I think it mostly gathers the negative effects versus the good stuff. Anyway what's better than working from home alone. You can finally focus properly and someone isn't interrupting you with all kind of questions all the time.
  • A blog post about containerization and sysadmins. Is it good or bad? I think it might be bad.
  • Read article about Futures Exchange - Because there has been open discussions about what kind of markets OpenBazaar should support. I've been also interested about Prediction Markets earlier. One form of prediction market is betting, but I don't like gambling. I were more interested about how the math, market and logic works behind the system and what kind of technical requirements it sets.
  • Studied Warrants and Turbo Warrants this case I were really curious about different warrant types and how the price is being set (or estimated or calculated).
  • Disque, an in-memory, distributed job queue. - Yet another distributed queue system, which I've been studying for fun. - Just as so many other failed implementations they do have proper retry and ack processing plus dead letter queue. Another great post by Charles Leifer about Disque.
  • Hetzner is opening a data center in Finland ? That's great news. Hetzner is one of my favorite data center and capacity & VPS service providers. Reasonable prices and absolutely great bang for buck! AWS, GCE or Azure won't come even half way compared to that.
  • Reminded my-self about Operations Security (OPSEC) basics once again.

More dump will follow, soon.