, Unicode, Duplicati, Valuation, Bad Code, Transactionality, e-ink, XS-1

Post date: Jun 10, 2018 6:34:21 AM

  • Quickly checked out - Finnish National Citizen Digitalization Service Portal- Including: Services, Web Service, Finnish Service Catalogue, Data Exchange Layer, e-Identification, e-Authorizations, Messages, Service Management, Maps, Payments. All essential services under one national service architecture roof. (Kansallinen palveluarkkitehtuuri, KaPA)
  • Bleeping code is everywhere. I registered for The Register email news letter, and it seems that they've got no idea what Unicode or character encoding is. Just very basic fail, but it's everywhere so don't worry. - Laugh.
  • I'm just wondering if there is a way to get Duplicati 2 to give 'sane' activityreport of update, like Duplicati 1.3 did, verbose is too verbose. I would prefer output where there is A for added D for deleted R for replaced filed (all the content) and M for modified with block count getting changed. Does that sound like a sane wish? Verbose which shows also all details of the files not being updated is way too verbose for my purposes.
  • There seem to be pretty many path issues with Duplicati 2, especially on Windows. First of all exclude paths are kind of problematic, I had to experiment quite a while to find a working combination. And here's another issue when restoring on Windows paths to alternate directory. A quote from error log: Warnings: [Failed to create folder: "c:\duplicati_test\c:\my_test_stuff\", message: Invalid Path.] How's the drive letter there twice? How about working with relative paths? Well sure, different kind of path issues are unfortunately quite common with multi-platform applications.
  • Reminded my self about Veblen good and Giffen good. When I noticed that people don't really realize value of things. One electronics chain markets their products with slogan: "It's just stupid to pay too much". Which is very true with many of the things people are buying.
  • Sometimes when people say that I bought a fake. No, I bought a perfectly working item with good utility value. It just happens that in some regions, there are no other alternatives than fakes. But to me the brand is totally secondary, what I value, is actually the item itself and it's utility value. Of course it's common, that fake sellers are trying to get extra value from the brand, but when I know it's a fake, I'll just drop the brand value to zero. If it's good as it is, it's good. Never mind the fact if it's fake or not. Yes, if same item is available as honest 'no name' I'll prefer that over a fake one. Because I think the "cool" brands are often just lame. But as said, sometimes it's impossible to get non fake items.
  • Have I ever mentioned that amazing (s*t) code is just about everywhere? This time it's the Thunderbird which has mixed up headers and message bodies. I really hope that everyone is using the message preview when deleting mails. because you can delete wrong content, if you send the header information like subject, from, date, etc. Never trust that info. I've been annoyed by email (un)reliability for a long time. Messages getting lost, wrong header information etc. That's why I've said that if you want to know if email has been delivered, put in message one word that doesn't belong there, and ask the recipient to reply with that word. When the message has been oatmeal received and understood. This is the only way to make sure the message has been delivered, and seen correctly. Did restarting program fix the problem? Of course it didn't. What did fix the problem? I just moved the message from folder to another and back. Now the right content is visible again.
  • Wrote a small transactionality module for state, files, databases etc. This makes it guaranteed that there's a single state indicator, before it's updated everything will roll backward and if it's updated, everything will roll forward. Earlier I used to have often implementation specific divider, but now it's all in easy to use library.
  • It would be nice to have e-ink (or other similar potentially semi-transparent technology) based light curtains and wall papers. Then one business would be streaming content for those. Want your boring downtown concrete cube to have Fuji, Osorno, Blue Mountains or Yellow Stone Old Faithful view? Maybe you're bit more modest and enjoy viewing earth from International Space Station (ISS). Maybe just beautiful view of birch trees next to lake from Finland with sauna and some smoke coming out of stack during the midnight sun? In some cases these could be used to cover windows, with white diffusion background. Or just walls with nice led background. At some point these of course could be 100% LED powered, so there's no need for separate background light and display unit.
  • Something different? XS-1 Space Plane-. We will see if it will ever become a reality.