Storage I/O, 6to4, RDP, Project Shield, Abstractions, FAST, Schannel, Google Edge Network, Spam

Post date: Nov 20, 2016 5:50:04 AM

  • How bad is too bad Storage I/O performance for Windows? I'm wondering if anyone would know the answer. I guess there are multiple factors. But even guess what's the generic breaking point is would be beneficial. I would guess it's somewhere between 5 - 120 seconds. - I've got a case where disk I/O is really slow due to (serious) storage back end issues. I'm wondering how much latency will Windows tolerate on default, before giving up on writes and corrupting databases and file systems? - I've tried to look for that information for a few days, but nobody seems to have a clear answer for that. - So if storage system write takes more than N seconds, it's write failure and skipped? I could assume that will happen at some point, but what the exact breaking point is. It will naturally lead to data integrity disaster.
  • 6to4 routings changed suddenly again, now traffic is going via @ Stockholm. Earlier traffic was going often via Funet and at times via Trex.
  • Liked this quote: "Good is too expensive; all I want is better (quickly)."
  • Even more potential Windows Remote Desktop Problems (RDP). It seems to be really hard to locate the source of the problems. Simply remote desktop just fails, but why. That's excellent question. No information about that in logs nor the connecting client gets any error message. So frustrating, but this is very typical for problems. If there would be clear error message, it would have been resolved long time ago, and it wouldn't be a problem at all. - Nobody seems to know what's the source of these annoying issues. Just more logging, testing, reading logs and failure at resolving the issue. Sigh.
  • One IPv6 link is also going up and down more or less randomly between routers. Oh joy, at least we're not running out of networking issues anytime soon. - Maybe that's positive?
  • Learned about Google's Project Shield. Yet another Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) mitigation service.
  • Nice article about DRY and KISS and cost of wrongful abstractions. Very classic questions, getting it right is always dependent from so many circumstances. Some projects contain tons of copy paste code, with limited abstractions, and some are total ravioli without repeating anything and using tons of single line abstractions. The perfection goes somewhere between these two extreme opposites. - Yet with many projects it's extremely annoying that when you report something like % calculation or VAT (tax) calculation failure, they'll fix it. But only in that part of code you reported. Should these kind of simple things be abstracted or not. It's also similarly bad issue, that basically the same 'abstract thing' has been implemented in tens of different ways by different coders, which several have some kind of niche bug or edge case failure in them. Currency conversion could be a great example. Or just like I wrote a few posts earlier, email address validation. Simple task, but everyone got different implementation, even if there should be just one correct way of doing it. In many cases, even the same site might have multiple different validation rules. I've written about that one site which had different password validation rules. They let you set password with lower and upper case, but when logging in, they won't allow uppercase. Duh! That really drove me bonkers. Greets go to their 'elite coders'.
  • Something different: FAST Radio Telescope is ready, checked Wikipedia article about it as well as RATAN-600 Radio Telescope.
  • Once again problems with Microsoft Schannel TLS, sigh. This is one of the reasons why people prefer plain text over encrypted connections. Because the encrypted connections won't work.
  • And even more problems with Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), it's very unreliable and problem prone. I just wish they would make it even a bit more robust.
  • Reminded my self about Google Edge Network with Data Centers, PoPs and Edge Cache locations with Google Global Cache (GGC).
  • Microsoft spam filter fails and sucks again. Now it's rejecting normal email from Outlook to Outlook again, but now to another direction than previously. It seems that they're totally clueless how their stuff works. That's just great. Thank you for that too. - Isn't that great? I'm at least being grateful about it. But maybe I've just got a hint of sarcasm.