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Post date: Apr 1, 2012 6:32:33 AM

How I can do so much? Well, I spent all evenings studying. Another important trick is to use your mobile phone to read and learn more when ever possible. So if I think I got even slightest pause for a few minutes, I'll start reading new stuff about: tech news, new technologies, RFCs etc. I think I'l manage to read about two hours more in one day than I could be able without my smart phone.

  • I activated Firefox SPDY support, which is disabled by default. Just navigate to about:config address and change parameter network.http.spdy.enabled value to True.
  • Google App Engine 1.6.4 released. Maybe I finally should move my projects to use Python 2.7, HRD and threading. Updated GAE SDK installation too. Everyone knows that there are issues with M/S datastore and it seems that those are just getting worse.
  • Studied parallelism & synchronization issues and lock free algorithms. This is going be daily topic when more CPU cores are being added. IBM's multiprocessing article contained great tests and analytics based on tests run using Tilera's 64 core CPU's for parallel processing as efficiently as possible.
  • Re-studied SQL Isolation modes in sqlite and mssql. Also checked out MongoDB update modifiers and atomic operations. Created new vitual Ubuntu server and installed MongoDB and RoR for testing purposes.
  • Read: Very long and interesting discussion about right start-up strategy. Should you select sustainable start-up or hype-up-and-exit strategy when starting your new business.
  • NorthID's NetID: Maybe I should provide it on my home page? I just don't know what additional value it would bring. In some cases net identity could be nice. But often real contract is required after all. Some cases people will want a strong non-personal identity. For that PKI infrastructure can be used. This is my identity X, but it's not linked to any real person. Actually strong identity can still be completely anonymous. Therefore strong identity and identifying a person, is not same thing at all. Those can be used together, but it's not required. When strong identity is used anonymously, user has to be extremely careful not to reveal anything linking him self to real identity. As we all know, failures to do that are too common, even when we're talking about higher level anonymous people.
  • Clouder.tv: I didn't just read their pages, I also got full test account to that service to further analyize it. Clouder.tv helps customers to select right products, provides additional product information, features digital signage and easy integration with other products. - I think it could be nice toolbox for sales persons in shops. They can directly show presentation videos about products that customer is interested about. It's on-demand TV-Shop in shop. Hopefully without all that repeating cheesy stuff. Of course quality and style of content is up to system users.
  • Gocardless is quite interesting concept. That's exactly what I came up, when shopkeepers and business owners started to complain the provisions taken by credit card companies, even for debit charges. I knew about SEPA, Direct Debit and e-invoice (finvoice). Then I thought, why they're complaining about credit card charges, why they don't invoice customers directly. When process is fully automated, it shouldn't be headache. Of course there are some payment risks involved, but those risks are anyway included in charges which credit card companies already take. Gocardless claims that their 1% provision is cheap, but it isn't. Using Debit cards in Finland is way cheaper. Visa Debit provision is 0,31%, maximum of 75 cents and minimum of 4 cents.
  • iZettle is for European users, what PayPal Mobile card reader and Square are for US users. In Europe chip&pin support is absolutely vital.
  • Got one super interesting project started. Only sad thing is, that I can't tell you what it is. But yes, I'm very positively excited about it.