SPA, QUICK, 6rd, REST, Slush 2014, Cables, Just a Hobby Project

Post date: Nov 23, 2014 1:03:28 PM

Nice post: 7 principles of Single Page Applications (SPA)

Studied QUICK - Which is basically SPDY over UDP. You'll find out reasons and benefits from the documentation.

Studied IPv6 Rapid Deplopyment (6rd). Why? One of the ISP's I'm using is now providing IPv6 addresses using it. This is basically on the lines I were thinking earlier. If ISPs won't provide native IPv6, every operator could still provide their own 6to4 gateway to guarantee service levels. 6rd is basically just that.

Wondered some database administrators best practices which are quite crazy, afaik. What do do if database engine is shutting down too slowly? Well, let's kill the process, delete the journal and restart it. Why we delete the commit journal? Well, because moving committed transactions from journal to database files are slow operations. So if we call normal shutdown or start the system with the uncommitted journal, tasks are slow. It's better to kill the database engine and delete the journal and restart it. This guarantees swift database service restart. - Uh, arf, om(f)g.

Studied: REST best practices. - Quite short and obvious list, if you're been doing this stuff for years.

Thought stuff like digital economy and concept of real-time economy and which are the thinks which are dominate future trading on net. They did talk a lot about this in Slush event too #Slush14.

Watched Mikko Hyppönen's talk at #Slush14 about Internet's future, Startups, security threats, etc. As well as Harri Hursti's talk how many different kind of attacks can be mounted over USB (stick. mobile phones, etc). Basically USB devices can infect or be infected by any other device getting connected. Don't share your USB devices, don't use others USB devices and remember to use USB condom.

Checked out: Arctic Fibre project. - This is great competitor to the ROTACS, which could be routed through Finland. It seems that Russia and Canada are also very interested to getting the cables deployed for multiple political reasons.

Hobby Project: As well as programmed a lot. I'm helping my friends to launch their hobby project. Lot of work, git commits, pushes, pulls, docker containers, virtual servers, etc. Working with JSON, DHT, jQuery, peewee, Python 3, Bottle, Angular, Tornado and coordinating whole project globally with small yet very agile and productive team. I don't know when the project will be ready. Let's say it's 90% ready, so finishing the last 10% will take about 100% more work. Eh, as usual. No really, there are just a few minor show stoppers which make the end user web app usability so bad it's not ready for release. Technically everything on server side is already fully working. Soon, maybe. Technically the project has already been running for two weeks but under wraps, with closed private beta for feedback and testing using mobile devices and browsers on different platforms.