Social networks, VPNs, Vimeo, Vlang, 2FA, PNT/PDS/GNSS, 6rd, DISM

  • Run your own social - Guide how to run your own private social network. This is concept which I really like. Let's read the guide and see what kind of points come up and if I can agree / disagree with those. Anyway, there's nothing new with "forum, social network, channel or collaboration" space, site or service for small similarly minded group. How about mailing list or good old Bulletin Board System (BBS) ? As example, different communities, organizations (non-profit or not) often run services / platforms like this. I've personally used Retroshare with some groups. Wow, this article is clearly for noobs, who don't have any clue about running systems or communities. Anyway, after hosting different forums and "social networks", all this stuff is way too familiar. Including all the not so fun non-technical aspects which follow with communities.
  • Top VPNs owned by Chinese - Wouldn't surprise me. Running "security service" is great way to collect sensitive data. If you're state sponsored, then it's very easy to provide affordable service.
  • Vimeo - Is now using AV1 at least for Staff Picks. That's great. Great video codec is essential for good video quality. Unfortunately many other sites, provide bad video quality, like YouTube. Vimeo is just awesome.
  • Using laser to detect unique heart beat (cardiac signature) - Wow, this is amazing and scary. Of course depending from your point of view. Well, at least it's very interesting.
  • NOYB - European Center for Digital Rights - This is great, at least someone is thinking about end user and consumer privacy aspects. I wish everything good for this project.
  • Studied vlang - Seems interesting. Lots of features which I really like. Of course currently there isn't massive standard library or 3rd partly libraries available, which is really handy in many cases.
  • 2FA is not usable? Why not. Because setting it up and using is way too hard for even IT professionals. Been there done that and seen it. It's hopeless. And I'm now referring to some other guys than my-self. But honestly, some services seem to be making everything they can to absolutely ruin the UX and making the process as painful as possible.
  • Alternate PNT / PDS - Can other satellite based signals used to provide Position Navigation and Timing (PNT) / Position Determination Solution (PDS) in situations where GNSS aren't available? This sounds like a good plan. I'm always immediately asking what else systems can be used for, than what those were initially designed for. As example satellite Internet signals can be used to provide PNT even if the system wouldn't be meant for it. Because those provide large constellation of well and publicly known radio transmitters. Similarly when people are worried about Bluetooth and WiFi tracking. My first immediate question was, why other mobile device signals can't be used for user tracking. That would be pretty standard SIGINT approach. On many devices radio units aren't perfect, which would allow fingerprinting radio transmitters, even if the devices are similar and even if all emitted data would be strongly encrypted with rotating public keys. This would allow passive tracking and detection of devices. - Btw. the article was awesome including technical details.
  • About my IPv6 Telia 6rd gateway failure. It took quite a while to get response from Telia. But they confirmed that the 6rd gateway I were using was closed down and they didn't tell what the new gateway would be. Aah, so typical. Services get disabled during summer without any pre-warning or notice. Just so typical, unfortunately.
  • Classic Windows Server fun. DISM broken, can't RestoreHealth, have to recover from image. Let's see how this works out. Anyway, downloading the 6.5 gigs image is a joy with 10 Gbit network. - Well, using Windows Setup Image file didn't help, DISM repositories are still broken. Sigh, couldn't care less, so annoying.
  • Something different: C-MUSIC by Elbit.