SaaS book,, SURBL, SMTP status, NS proxy, httperf, cron

Post date: Oct 2, 2011 2:39:32 PM

Well well, this was busy weekend but I managed to go out and visit one expo and make marvellous lasagne.

  • Read great Finnish SaaS book.
  • Released new version of with SURBL checking.
  • Because GAE doesn't support nslookup I had to write small CGI web app proxy for it.
  • I think that SpamGourmet has SMTP issues at times, so I wrote simple SG STMP server status CGI app too.
  • Made HTTP performance testing for my new VPS server. I found it pleasantly good! Server can handle about 118 CGI requests per second.
  • I'm now happy with Git, I use it to track and off-the-record app changes.
  • I configured to fully run on Google's platform. Now there is no need for secondary redirection server, which is usually required because App Engine doesn't allow usage of naked domains. Using Google Apps domain manager it is possible to do this required redirection on Google's platform. Although there are several requests wishing that App Engine would support naked domains in future. (Issue 777)
  • now reboots automatically once per week to avoid unexpected downtime. - Reboot takes less than 5 seconds.
  • To do? Fix unicode handling, start using improved database structure.
  • I also run in to problem using Yahoo mail. It seems that there is pretty strict limit how many emails you can send daily. That limit is clearly too low. Maybe if I have time and energy, I'll configure my own server to take care of my email needs. Everything will be secured SMTPS, IMAPS, HTTPS, etc. Yahoo isn't doing well on encryption side either. Their web mail uses only encrypted login, all session data after that isn't being encrypted. As well as all SMTP sessions are totally unencrypted, and there is no support for SMTPS. Meanwhile I'll be using Evolution with GPG and FireGPG when using web mail.