RDS, Backdoors, Python Idioms, HTTP/2, HCP Quant

Post date: Feb 9, 2014 12:56:16 PM

  • Well, I assume everyone has seen this already. But in case you haven't. It's worth of checking out. I think it shows great attitude. How hackers can get things done. I'm sure it won't impress designers of SAR or future 5G or Massive MIMO radio engineers. But it's still darn great combination of hardware, programming, analysis and finding out how things are done utilizing reverse engineering / hacking.
  • Watched [30c3] Backdoors, Government Hacking and The Next Crypto Wars
  • Python Idioms (PDF) really nice compact document with examples about Python idioms. Which I just love. Only thing I really miss, is case / switch statements, but well, elif works too.
  • A nice Python WiFi (WLAN) Jammer written in Python. It detects clients and sents deauth packets.
  • This is DRACO, it's incredible anti-virus technology, well, for humans. If it works, it's really amazing development. It's interesting to see, if this kind of development will save us in the world where traditional antibiotics won't work anymore.
  • The Stupidity of Computers, an excellent post about challenges realated to Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Data Classification, Metadata, natural language processing, structured data, etc.
  • A nice post about basic stuff like securing databases with PostgreSQL.
  • Studied OpenComputer Project Spec & Designs
  • Interactive SICP - A must read for every programmer
  • Checked out interesting quantitative mutual investment fund in Finland, HCP Quant (in Finnish). It's investment policy does make change, and it can be efficient, as long as it's not too large.
  • Studied latest version of Hypertext Transport Protocol 2. On thing is sure, HTTP/2 is going to be so complex, that it's not trivial to implement anymore. This will lead to situation like with other complex protocols and technologies, that there are going to be just few implementations which will be reliable, full featured and widely used. If you're not using one of those, you're probably in trouble. This complexity and using possibly non-mainstream implementations, will lead to security and interoperability issues for sure. Flow control, streams, multiplexing, priorities, continuation, header field ordering, cookie compression, server push, protocol upgrading, connect method, HTTP header compression, stream state, etc. Well, it's nice to get a way to ping all HTTP/2 sites, using HTTP2 PING (0x6) frame, TLS1.2 requirement, GZip compression.