Quick notes about Google I/O 2016 Keynote

Post date: May 21, 2016 4:16:48 PM

Google IO 2016 Keynote - They processing all your content, queries, email, chats, pictures, videos, etc. absolutely great and very scary at the same time. Understanding context is the key. Natural language processing (NLP). Context details, who said "playing to night" would mean movies? It could be concert hall or hockey hall, for different people. Also if you ask if movie is any good, it shouldn't be "generic review" response, it should be personalized based on personal preferences. The main actor is one I really can't stand in the movie, how about not recommending it for me. But it was a good watch, got some light brain fog and watching this got me thinking well again. People are also great at being very ambiguous in their statements. 'Get the flowers'? What, for relatives funeral, new lover, or for wifes anniversary and which flowers to get. Maybe you bought a house a while a go and landscaper needs some stuff. Yes, sure, previous discussions and calendar should provide strong hints what did you mean by that statement? Does it ask for extra details if it isn't clear enough? Does it recognize the tone how it was said, it could even indicate which of the three options you mean. Sure that's awesome when it reaches a level of great secretary. Yay. Font size in Allo chat app. Sigh, uaah.... Awesome innovation? It's nice that it learns from earlier discussions. Yet that's another problem. One of the ways to detect someone impersonating you, is that they don't do it correctly. Of course in this case the system would help the adversary in this case. Also processing images in chat is also awesome and extremely scary. Yet another reason to host your own infrastructure and avoid giants like Google, as well as maintaining multiple context aware separate identities. Waiting for time when all this stuff is linked to Strong Artificial General Intelligence. That's going to be very scary? Saying Hi and asking How are you from bot? Lulz. Made me actually laugh. Very cool, there's that context, which I were earlier asking for. Now they know answer to that "Did my team win". Allo, End-to-End (E2E) Encryption (E2EE), Message Expiration, Duo Video Calling App. IM market is getting hot. Wonder if Google got any changes. Knock Knock feature is really nice. Well, not that different really. Often friends send a message over Skype if I won't pickup and tell why they were trying to reach me. Don't like the way how the own video is cropped into circle. Because due to cropping you don't really know what you're sending out. It also kind of fails that you need to prepare for call in such a way. I wish they'll allow an option where you can actually send that "clip" which was recorded why you were waiting for the other end to pick up. Because it would be actually handy. So you can start calling, go straight into the topic, and if they don't pickup the message got delivered anyway. - That sounds good. Like with the Skype, here's my message, if you're interested, call back. I don't know about other people, but I personally rarely react to IM or anything 'requiring' instant attention, if it really doesn't. Ah, ok, I'll be back to that when it's time for it. Also the "application embedded features in notifications" are interesting. I mean usually that kind of stuff adds system resource requirements. You don't need to "launch an app". But technically you probably need to, even if it doesn't seem to launch. These kind of 'neat stuff' can suck a surprising amount of system resources. Just like all of those darn slow and heavy web sites. Either they have to have some kind of light unified script to handle actions on notifications, or if they pass that stuff via some "notification action API" to the app, it basically means that the app had to launch, to handle that stuff. So it's doing the same stuff, but just in UI terms more seamlessly. In some cases this might encourage usage patterns which heavily tax the system and user doesn't even realize it. Daydream-Ready Smart phones, VR Mode. Lot of VR 3D content seems to be coming. VR YouTube. Finally, smart watch Android Wear 2.0 which doesn't require phone to be linked. This is actual progress. Those extra displays for phone are lame. It has been possible to get watch phones from Asia for a long time. Now they've joined those together in androidwear 2.0. Nice. Android Studio. Lot of very neat Firebase stuff. Firebase Cloud Messging and Notification integrations. Totally awesome, gotta check that out. Firebase crash reporting. Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM). Android Instant Apps sounds also cool, and horrible at the same time. It depends what kind of sand boxing and rights those instantly installed malware, ehh, spyware, ehh... Apps need. Yet, in general this sounds really awesome. No need to install "junk" apps. This is the way it should have always been. It's always funny to notice how lazy loading and "pre-loading" stuff is wiggled back and forth over and over again. Why? Pre-loading is bad, lazy loading is bad. Nope I thought those were good things. Eeh, let's change it tomorrow again. Alpha Go stuff.