Python Logs, IPv4, ETL, SMB, Bencode, Google Ads, netsvcs, UC

  • Python - TimedRotatingFileHandler works very well, from a single process. But from two processes there's a minor glitch. It works very well, until, the rotation kicks in. Then the other processes should be using WatchedFileHandler. Otherwise there's situation where all but one process will stop logging due to issues with rotation. I think I've encountered this problem at least once earlier. But in some configurations it's just hard to tell if and how many and which processes there are running, so which one should do the rotation? Another simple alternative is just to use separate filenames for all processes.
  • More and more Cloud providers are charging extra for legacy IPv4 addresses. You'll save money by not using IPv4. UpCloud just did that as well as many others before it, like Scaleway.
  • Wrote separate data extraction and analysis program. Because one customer wanted detailed analysis what's wrong with the system. Even if I quite quickly concluded from the logs that nothing was wrong. But to proving that with detailed data analytics using log files alone, required quite much work.
  • Configured a few other SMB IPv6 networks. It's not that hard after all. But it seems that many people don't have basic understanding about route table, and well, then it's hard if you're just doing random settings without knowing at all what you're doing. Another thing is that some routers, do not show all the required information in the web interface. To manage and configure the device you'll need to use telnet or ssh to gain access to all configuration options. Another thing is that people think that using DHCP and NAT means that internet is "routed". Uhh. I think routed means usually that you're receiving routed traffic for specific network(s) over some routing address. Which might or might not be in the address range you're using. As example in these cases, another used the routing address in the address range and another option used alternate routing network and address for the routed traffic.
  • Yet another Finnish web-shop, which clearly tries to make the purchase process as hard as possible. You'll have to confirm payment information and login information several times to make purchase. So classic. Then random errors, and again. And before that they lost the content of shopping basket a few times. Totally awesome! - Many services are that bad nowadays, that the best approach is to just simply avoid using the services as long as that's possible.
  • Bencode - Studied bencode binary file format. Yeah, again, there are so many totally working ways of storing data, this is yet another. Which are used by BitTorrent files, even if Magnet URI format links have basically replaced torrents completely.
  • Sometimes Google advertising goes just way too far. Now they've replaced summaries on many pages with ad "Made with the new Google Sites, an effortless way to create beautiful sites." - I'm just wondering if anyone has made version of Ok Google, which is more like f*y* Google.
  • Google Sites has now added date header to the web response headers. Yet still etag and last-modified date are missing, as well as expires is well in past. Sigh.
  • Windows netsvcs taking up all CPU, no surprises there. Seems to be pretty normal when Windows Update is running.
  • UpCloud is pushing new services out in 2019: Private Cloud, Software-defined networking (SDN), Distributed management architecture (quite expected feature upgrade btw), Object storage (expected as well). I also spotted a minor bug (or probably wrong string somewhere), when deploying Windows 2016 server, the control panel says in one place that it's deploying server with Windows 2012. Classic fail. That's why that kind of information shouldn't be stored in too many separate places, so it would be less likely that old strings would pop up from somewhere. - Btw. I'm not sure if that same issue exists with theirnew "Hub" control panel. I'll have to check that with next deployment.