Python, Deluge, HSTS, PostgreSQL, SSL

  • It seems that making SSL / TLS request to server without valid certificate has been made annoyingly hard on Python. It's possible, but requires copy pasting tons of code. Instead of having a simple switch to get the job done. This is the thing which feels like Java. Tuning, tuning, trying to get it to work, adding more code and phew. Boring, desperate and ultra boring. Good example about how simple things can be made complex. Yeah, you can use context and opener and install opener to request and then it works. But why this requires 1k of code and importing multiple libraries etc. For some reason even setting the context to the urlopen directly doesn't work, you'll need to create separate opener first and so on. At least on Windows platform, didn't try Linux yet.
  • Played a bit with new Python libraries. Cryptowatch and TensorLy.
  • About raise of Python's popularity. Flask is one of the contributing factors. Yet, Flask is very similar to Bottle. Yet Bottle is simpler and lighter.
  • Deluge torrent "poops around" your disk. Leaving fast resume data for deleted torrents in the .config/deluge/state folder. Duh. I just hate programs which poop around and don't get rid of data when it's time to do it. Of course you can just go and delete the files, but why, why it needs to be done manually. And first of all, you'll need to know about the files to delete those. Or is this intentional? Conspiracy?
  • I've been lately working upgrading one of my hobby projects. I'm very happy about it. It's generally very well written. Robust, with great exception handling and very reliable. Some parts of the code could be bit more descriptive and sparse in terms like longer variable names. But this is project I'm writing only for my self, so it doesn't matter at least at this stage so much. But it's nice to look at own code and conclude it's well written. This is just the beauty of the hobby projects. Instead of getting it done in two hours, you can just work on it for two weeks or months. It would be nice to have this and that and. And I'm proud, so many very very nice optimizations, reducing tons of unnecessary database access and pointless looping around. Usually in form check X to know if we need to actually very the full content, very efficient.
  • Endless discussion on one forum about native IPv6, subnet sizes, 6rd, 6in4, 6to4, Teredo / Miredo and so on. But yeah, let's just hope soon all operators will provide native IPv6 and we can get over this discussion. Some of them plan to launch new tunnel broker using 6in4. But AFAIK, tunnels should be gone, and native IPv6 should be in. Some players like SixXS has already stopped providing tunnels, because native IPv6 should already be everywhere ant tunneling obsolete.
  • Got a few sites on the HSTS preload list.
  • What's new in PostgreSQL (postgres) 10.
  • So much (not) fun with ASP.NET and .NET IIS webapps. But it just took ton of effort to get it working.
  • Daily WTF, we've got this length delimited record in file and one field is 30 characters type varchar. Wow, if the fields are length delimited, how the content can be varchar? It's like one day I joked, when building a product which was sold only in 10 kg packages. - If we just could get lighter 10 kg packages. Lulz.
  • Getting HTTPS (SSL / TLS) certificates right, what's the best solution? Options covered in this post are: Traditional, Let's Encrypt or Cloudflare. I don't even start what's wrong with "Cloudflare" HTTPS in case, it means that the system behind CF is providing HTTP connection only.
  • Something not so different? Cigarette smokers problem and Sleeping barber problem. So classic Wikipedia trap, you can spend a whole weekend reading about topic. Thermonuclear weapon. Fast fission , Nuclear weapons history, Teller-Ulam design, etc. Thanks Kim, for leading me to reading this interesting stuff. And finally Ultra high temperature ceramics.