Open Source, Security.txt, Slack, HTMl5, exFAT

  • One of good things about writing open source code, is that you'll learn to write code which you dare to show. If customer is worried about something, you can say, that sure. We can do full code review. I've got nothing to hide. Versus the case, where code is so horrible, that you'll do everything to hide it. When code is customer specific, afaik it's natural that customer has right to review and see the code, which is developed solely for them, if they wish to do so. Also code escrows are of course common, so they'll gain full control of the code in certain situations.
  • Added security.txt under .well-known on several sites I'm administrating. And published related OpenPGP encryption keys.
  • Studied Slack API - - in detail. Nice, pretty basic, simple. But currently I don't have any use for it. But maybe some of the notices, which are currently delivered via email, would be better to be posted to Slack or both. Who knows. I'll have to ask the team which uses the Slack most, if they think it would be beneficial.
  • PostgreSQL 10 Released - -. So much awesomeness. I've gotta update a few projects to use that, after through testing. Yet, I expect not to experience any issues at all. But it's always good to test things properly. Key features: Logical Replication, Declarative Table Partitioning, Improved Query Parallelism, Quorum Commmit for Synchronous Replication (This is totally awesome!) for high availability setups. - SCRAM-SHA-256 authentication.
  • Just wondering why the HTML5 direct station player requires on mobile hitting stop and play, before it starts to work. Everything seems to be working but he audio is muted? From network traffic it seems like the data is transferred even if the playback isn't audible? Is that some kind of mobile autoplay / audio blocker or something? Audio won't work without user interaction? Well, who knows, go figure and fix it, if possible. It would be better to start in stop state, where you have to click play, if it's known that the audio isn't working. If I use generic player url it works on mobile, because it always requires clicking play. - It seems that they were surprisingly responsive. It doesn't make any sense to leave the player in background consuming data and cpu cycles, but without audio output.
  • Some people seem to claim that exFAT doesn't support transparent encryption. But I can prove they're wrong. At least with Windows 10, encryption seems to be working very well. On exFAT disk command: "cipher /e" output: "1 file(s) [or directorie(s)] within 1 directorie(s) were encrypted." and of course after that command: "cipher /d" output: "1 file(s) [or directorie(s)] within 1 directorie(s) were decrypted." So much about not supporting encryption. Btw. It can be a real trap, not knowing that encryption was used. Because some people might realize that at the point, when they're supposed to read the data from the drive. And in some cases, that might be the situation when you've got the only copy of the data on that disk. And now you don't have the encryption keys for it. So much fail. AFAIK, it's very bad idea to tell people that exFAT doesn't support encryption. This is dangerous misinformation and can lead to some rather unexpected and extremely bad situations.
  • With exFAT and as expected all the wonderful "lost clusters" and FOUND.000 and requirements to run CHKDSK with /F every now and then are back. I've been missing that so much with ext4. Lol, not. Examining the file content on Linux computer says it all: "Microsoft Enhanced Cryptographic Provider v1.0", and file extension is ".PFILE". If it's defined as operating system hack-on, it doesn't matter to the end user. - Google+ post - -
  • Laughed at Eutelsat, all their Finnish reseller links are broken as well as their contact / feedback form is broken. Great way to run business. Anyway, I guess the desperate enough customers still make it through.
  • Filefrag tool doesn't clearly seem to be working with exFAT on Linux.
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