NPTv6, Design, Privacy Relay, Invoke-WebRequest, QUIC

  1. RFC 6296 IPv6-to-IPv6 Network Prefix Translation (NPTv6) (@ Reminded myself about that. In case there would be the unlikely case where ULA addresses would be overlapping. Can be used to map (translate) network addresses for VPN traffic / routing.

  2. It's really really nice to see that phones have incorporated at least on Android the idea I said earlier. Showing notifications on screen while locked in a nice way. So you can see that something is happening, but which app, whom and shortly. This is really nice. Exactly the feature I asked for earlier in my blog. No need for the led to indicate that there are new messages or that something is happening on the phone. Because the feature is so nice, I've now placed on my phone on holder, so it's screen is in my view field all the time and I see the on screen events. On computer I've disabled notifications, because those distract too much.

  3. Several days worth of discussions and lots of implementation work to implementing efficient inventory update procedures for small to medium chains with 10 - 100k different articles (SKUs) in stock, with different units etc. How the whole procedure should work and how it's implemented in as user friendly and innovative way as possible. The design is important to minimize user mistakes how the inventory is done.

  4. Europe's Software Problem (@ - EU is totally dependent on Chinese hardware and US software / platforms. Well, that shouldn't be any kind of surprise to anyone living around here- Is it good? Well, at least in any kind of crisis situation it's very very bad. In normal circumstances and when non confidential things are handled, well, probably not so much. Haha, "Data is the new oil" vs "Data as a liability". Yep, that's a good question.

  5. Can't stop loving cases where it's not understood how system is designed to work, and then it ends up being hacked in strange ways to get it to work correctly, when ... Oh well ... I do understand this way too well, it often happens when trying to deal with complex system in a quick and simple way. The dirty hack is dirty hack, but it's much quicker to implement than learning how the system works and doing things correctly. Yet, after a few layers of those hacks are nailed or glued on, then the system is totally and utterly obfuscated, because nothing makes sense in any location, because there's additional work-a-round code before or after the primary step. - Pretty classic and unfortunately really normal. Then the software comes kind of superstition. - Just like with diesel car and especially during winter, stating a car starting prayer helps, and it really does! You'll turn power on, read the prayer, and then start the car. I'll leave it to you to figure out why it helps.

  6. Just noted that several online services break down when using (only) TLSv1.3. I've sent feedback to services which broke down and let's see if they bother to answer or remedy the situation.

  7. Checked out iCloud Privacy Relay. What they're not saying is the essential party. They're not saying it would be anonymous, so user identifying information is relayed between the relays, even if for privacy it's essential to strip it. Another thing is that the browsers and websites are way too broken for "privacy use" in general. Totally wrong design points. Afaik, if privacy is desired, browser is wrong platform to start with. The simpler and more basic the solution is, the better.

  8. Funny fact: In Finland 3G mobile networks are being shutdown but nobody has announced yet any plans to shutdown 2G networks. So, users can always fallback to 2G.

  9. If fixing core problem is too hard, but it's known when it happens and fails, just add more code to work around the core problem. I'm loving it.

  10. Microsoft PowerShell Team has done great job making the Windows Invoke-WebRequest (@ (wget / curl) insanely slow. It's kind of classic example of extremely badly performing code.

  11. QUIC at Snapchat ( - How HTTP/3 improves performance. HTTP3 H3 transport protocol. Nice post. Yet nothing new. kw: BBR, congestion control

  12. I still can't wrap my head around how inconsistent the behavior of creating new page with Google Sites is. Either there's a race condition, or they're using random function to piss users of. - Thank you for that!