Network, Android, Security, urandom, PGStorm, OB, Daala, AI, RC4, TCP, Scaleway, Tutanota, Lavaboom

Post date: Sep 6, 2015 5:05:42 AM

  • Spent some time troubleshooting international networking issues. It's always really not so fun trying to find who's responsible for what and what's really causing the problem.
  • Google is now showing Tweets in search results. That's good development, especially if you're looking for up to second information about something happening or so.
  • Tested out Android x86 4.4 with PC. I think that Android could well replace Windows for most of users even on desktop. It's simplified enough when Windows (and linux in general) remain really horrible complex mess for normal users. Often so complex mess that even professionals have hard time dealing with those.
  • Linux workstation security checklist - Yep, just checklist your workstation(s).
  • Read: Peter Thiel's Zero to One book. Notes (Quotes & Highlights) will follow later.
  • Myths about urandom - Yep. There are lot of myths about many ICT topics.
  • PGStorm - Utilize GPU to handle tough SQL queries with thousands of parallel cores.
  • Following OpenBazaar Blog - This is interesting, it's really nice to get weekly project updates & news.
  • Checked out eTasku - They provide electronic receipt archival and a mobile communication channel directly to bookkeepers for handling traveling expenses in fully electronic way. Receipts are photographed and archived and securely stored and easily accessible to bookkeepers.
  • Checked out Daala Video Codec - It's excellent if there's a proper HEVC / H.265 - competitor, like VP10. Patents and licenses with video codecs are a huge annoying problem for open source.
  • Using SPDY and HTTP/2 to batch HTTPS/REST requests for significantly better performance.
  • How closely everyone is being watched nowadays. Yes, we know where you are and when, which also helps to predict the future. Metadata articles: How you're being tracked all the time, What metadata reveals about your life.
  • More AI & Robotics articles 1) AI Evolution, 2) Cambrian Explosion of Robotics.
  • Browsers finally dropping RC4 cipher support. - It's about a time! Yet it seems that some browsers like the Dolphin Browser are still using RC4 as primary preferred cipher.
  • Excellent post about TCP optimization in mobile networks - I really liked it. Bump in a cable performance optimizations. Latency splitting, Retransmit, Buffer bloat, queuing vs dropping packets, RTT packet loss, unit testing, MTU clamping, data plane.
  • Scaleway - European dedicated baremetal ARMv7 cloud servers. These could be really great for some workloads. I guess I've gotta get one for my own stuff. Email server and hosting some random projects etc. I can use docker to furhter split it down to smaller secure units.
  • Tutanota - Free European Secure Email. I think it's great, nice to use fast, good, and hosted in Germany.
  • Lavaboom: I think that the Lavaboom was just a VC rip-off. I've seen people running similar projects and the actually running costs are really low, unless you bloat those on purpose to burn money. It would be interesting to hear how 'expensive' running social media sites like LoadAverage is. I guess it's quite reasonable amount of money / month. And I'm now talking less than 100 USD / mo.