Mobile data, Waymo, 802.11k, SAP, Kubernetes, Amazon, Azure, AVIF

  1. About mobile data usage. How much do you use? Last month my mobile data usage was 2.679 terabytes. Well, that's not so much, it's slightly over 10 Mbps averaged around the clock.

  2. Fixed broken auto completion in cmd using regedit "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Command Processor\CompletionChar" set to 9 to set it to TAB. -> Fixed permanently

  3. 5th generation Waymo. Nice to see new versions being released. Self-driving cars would be just so welcome. It would be great for everyone. Lidars, Cameras and Radars, all technologies combined. Sure, why shouldn't robocar have super human senses, IR could also help.

  4. Checked out: 802.11k, 802.11r , 802.11v - "Enable seamless Basic Service Set (BSS) transitions " and "Fast BSS Transition" are quite old standards sure, yet haven't ever seen any of those being actually used. As well as 802.11s - Hybrid Wireless Mesh Protocol (HWMP), Wireless Distribution System (WDS). We've used WDS solutions, but generally using wired solutions is a lot smarter solution than WDS or repeaters which are totally hopeless solutions especially in already congested areas. See: Enhanced Roaming Algorithm @ Samsung Knox.

  5. What is SAP? @ Retool - Nice post with ample history and background. I've done plenty of SAP integration projects. Plus of course plenty of other financial management software (FMS), enterprise resource planning (ERP), issue tracking system (ITS), professional services automation (PSA) projects. kw: ABAP, TCode, ERP.

  6. “Let’s use Kubernetes!” - Now you have 8 problems @ Python Speed - Nice post. I couldn't agree more. It's so common to add complex technologies to projects and environments which makes everything messy, unreliable and hard to maintain. KISS works well, simple, reliable, and works out of the box with low costs.

  7. Amazon - Yeah that Amazon, not AWS. But the consumer online shopping web site. Had long discussions how it's going to change the online shopping experience in Finland, if and when Amazon enters this market. There has been some rumors. It's interesting to see, if it can stop small businesses from creating own web-stores and to provide their services via the Amazon logistics and web shop. Also of course the system integration landscape will be also changed. No need to integrate the POS with every web shop provider in country. But instead just integrate with Amazon and that's it. Haven't checked their systems in enough detail, but I assume, in that case they could provide enough information to become the data master and then any remaining physical stores just become clients of the master system. Anyway, this is how it's done with all major businesses anyway, nothing new in that sense. Basic ERP integration.

  8. Global Azure Virtual 2020 - Great. This is progress. I've so many times written about how bad idea the meetings are. Amazing waste of time and money. It's strange that technology companies are picking up benefits of virtual events so extremely slowly. - Tweeted: "Virtual #events are picking up due to covid19. Yet I'm wondering why this hasn't been happening earlier? In my opinion we're at least 10 years late with this. Benefits of virtual events are #clear as well as drawbacks of physical events. amazing slowness tech companies." and continued with Tweet: "Tech guys did this in the 90s. remote work collaboration software development virtual team."

  9. AVIF @ Wikiepdia is coming, here's a Netflix Tech Blog post about AVIF @ Netflix Tech Blog. Also JPEG XL is trying to push forward, yet I've seen so many other JPEG image standards to failing to get any traction. The TL;DR; section of the post is something I can fully agree with. In total nice article, had to fully read it and think about it. ref: webp, jpeg xl, jpeg xt, jpeg 2000, heif, ssim, vmaf, psnr, vif, image, compression, metrics

  10. Something different? - The Grand Unified Theory of Rogue Waves @ Quanta Magazine.