Microsoft Outook 2FA, Python For Else, Hyperloop, For Fun

Post date: Dec 10, 2017 8:18:03 AM

Microsoft Outlook 2FA

It repeatedly fails with MSSPError -2147195113 until it just happens to work. I guess there's something wrong with their login / authentication process. - Fail. - Some people wanted extra information. Here's some: I'll give login, password, and after giving TOTP / OTP code, it gives me that error message. After reloading the page, I can give the very same code again and it might, or might not work. I've made sure it's not about TOTP clock drift. It doesn't matter if the code is 'fresh' or 'just expiring'. I've confirmed that this happens with Firefox on Linux and on Windows. I've also tried once Chrome on Windows, and it didn't happen. So I assume that there's some set of circumstances which activates this problem. I'm not aware what the set is. And after Googling, I didn't find any other reports. Therefore I'm asking if anyone knows what this is about, because I don't know. I didn't mention those facts, because it still doesn't change the fact that the error message has been popping up for months when logging in with Firefox.

Additional information provided by show more information:

request-id: 5a5a2918-f954-41e9-9464-5a6a5830fb23

X-Auth-Error: MSSPErrorException

X-OWA-Version: 15.1.947.19

X-FEServer: AM3PR04CA0097

X-BEServer: HE1PR04MB1498

Date: 3/6/2017 6:15:44 AM

Seems to be quite helpful. Afaik, this is information which is provided for 'competent' people. And I'm pretty sure, we're lacking the competence here. That's exactly why I'm asking if these would happen to be competent people. I'm sure that in this case, the amount of people who can deal with that message is actually quite small. Maybe a dozen people?

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Python - For Else

Did you know what you can use else statement with with and for in Python too? It's very handy in some cases. If the loop exists normally, then the else statement will be run, but if break is used to break the loop, then the else statement won't be run. - Let's time stamp this, because this might have been fixed before this post comes out. These remarks were jotted down on 2017-03-05 (YYYY-MM-DD).

for i in range(10):


if i == 8:

break # Else won't run


print('No i')

Windows Resource Monitor File Path - Strangeness

What's this strange Microsoft Windows Resource Monitor File Path? Why it shows c:3\$LogFile being accessed, why it doesn't show f:\$LogFile that's just strange. Because there is dive letter mapped for that drive

of course. So it seems silly referring to c: when it's not about c: drive at all. I did search for answer. But most of answers were like, yeah it happens. But nobody told exactly why it happens.


Crazyloop, eh, no, Hyperloop. It's totally crazy to talk about Helsinki Tallin or Helsinki Stockholm Hyperloop routes. Even when technology is actually proven (if that ever happens). Even then it might be prohibitively expensive. Simple projects like channel tunnel, how's it even possible that those fail? It's just business as usual. So afaik, even talking about Hyperloop is crazy. Yes, it's nice if you're enjoying weekend and want to find some nice topics to talk, like superstition, UFOs, gnomes, dragons, etc... But talking about that seriously, as a business project, is just project-loon. ;) - I'm not saying it wouldn't work. It could, and when that's proven, and there's clear practical information about costs, and execution requirements. Then it might, just might, be economically viable. Even very simple projects like Helsinki Subway Extension to Espoo and Olkiluoto 3 nuclear powerplant have had dramatic schedule and cost overruns. But that's nothing, those will probably be in production use in future, and will run for decades. What about projects, which exceed over cost estimates for over order of decade, and won't ever be in production use? That's very a real possibility for first Hyperloop project(s). History is totally full of failures like that.

For fun

Just for fun checked out Tachyonic Antitelephone. Neat tech, at least in the very theory.

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