Microservices, EFS, T-SQL, BRaaS, Runnaroo, ICE forking

  1. Read O'Reilly Ebook "Monolith to Microservices", lot's of good points and nothing new in the book. Yet good read, if you're not too familiar with this stuff. I also loved the fact, that they didn't blindly say that Microservices (@ Wikipedia) are a good thing and when into the details including decision related trade-offs, when microservices are a good thing, and when only creates problems and wastes resources. Yet lots of stuff in the book wasn't strictly microservices / monolith related, but in general about software development, growth, organization, teams, culture, ownership, different database approaches, processes and methods. Actually I like the database part a lot ,even if it didn't naturally present anything new. Just what I said about "soft joins" and performance, it's being repeated in this book, because it is what it is. Recommended very good read, because it's not a "single sided story". As well as covers classic problems like deletion, etc. I think I've used almost all the tricks mentioned in the book. The rollback section was also great, because that's exactly what I've been working lately with one project. Improving performance and reducing number of rollbacks. kw: Cohesion, Coupling, Modular programming, Structured design, Team Autonomy, Data replication and consistency, Deduplication, Transactions, Atomicity, long lived transactions (LLTs), failure recovery modes.

  2. For gods sake, Microsoft. Fix your s*t. Microsoft Crypto Locker called EFS (@ Wikipedia) is causing serious problems. Luckily due to proper backup measures, it doesn't cause data loss. But it's huge annoyance, while being so badly broken. - But I guess I've asked for this, by being so incredibly stupid that I'm touching these steaming piles, called Windows & Office. - If I could choose, would stay in a far far away land. I really wish that Microsoft would have fixed these issues in six months, but nope. Thank you for that too! KW: EFS, security, key management, encryption, Windows, Update, logins, passwords, so much fail! - I honestly believe, nobody can do this bad job, unless they're trolling on purpose. - Yes all these problems started with 2004 update.

  3. I took the challenge, porting lots of business logic from Python code to Transact-SQL (T-SQL) on Microsoft SQL Server 2019. Oh joy. This isn't going to be pretty, but I know there's nothing which is going to stop me. Tedious, lot of trial & fail, and probably not great end result with high quality, but it's going to work. I know it. Nobody wanted to do it, because it's not easy. Good thing is that this improves performance greatly. Reducing the number of round trips between control process and the database. - Well, got it done, faster than I expected. After learning bit more syntax and requirements, it wasn't that hard after all.

  4. Had a day long meeting about backups, disaster recovery, and different technical solutions, platforms and operational challenges. Yet I can't disclose the partner. Backup and Recovery as a Service (BRaaS). Also long discussion about cloud backups, vendor lock-in, RTO / SLA, deduplication, encryption, key management, support services, appliance type solutions and risks that cryptolockers create.

  5. Checked out new meta search engine Runnaroo (@ runnaroo.com). Yet the service is running in Google Cloud and on US soil. Well, there are different levels of privacy / security required for different kind of tasks.

  6. Signal ICE forking (@ signal.com) - They optimized the setup time by sending same keys to all devices. I'm not sure if the call setup time is that important after all. Well, I guess they have considered the options and that's what they ended up with. kw: Interactive Connectivity Establishment (ICE) and Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP), Peer-to-Peer (P2P)

  7. Something different? - Variable cycle engine (VCE) (@ Wikipedia) bunch of articles related to Nuclear Populsion (@ Wikipedia). Including related space technologies (NTR, FFR, NSWR, NER, Nuclear Pulse Propulsion (NPP) (@ Wikipedia).

  8. Once again wondering oh why Microsoft Teams doesn't have push-to-talk feature, it's really essential feature. As bonus, add a global shortcut for that, then it's perfect.