Memory Allocation, SNOW, LFI, Sigfox, BLE, Thunderbird, 5G, DSM, DSA, DIA, WLAN, Sails

Post date: Jan 7, 2018 6:54:27 AM

  • When the memory allocator works against you - The wonderful world of automatic memory management and garbage collection. It might work in unexpected ways at times.
  • Checked out free SNOW ciphers for 3GPP.
  • Local File Inclusion (LFI) - Nothing new here, just haven't read Wikipedia article about it earlier.
  • Security through obscurity. Here's a quote from Sigfox documentation: "The most important aspect of transmission security is however that only the device vendors understand the actual data exchanged between the device and the IT systems."
  • Retried once again to set password to April Beacon BLE Physical Web Beacons aka EddyStone and failed. They've made it ridiculously hard. I'm once again wondering what kind of so called 'engineers' are out there. Makinga absolutely bleep. It's hard to tell if they're so incompetent, or if they're just trolling customers on purpose. There are just so many flaws in their software, that I won't be even listing those. Some cause application to crash, some things just won't work, and some are totally insanely bad from usability point. As example, showing full UUID [f6a0a5d1-3e5d-44d6-84d2-3638a0ad1785] and when you select an entry, they're asking you to enter that UUID. Of course they're not showing it anymore. Well, you saw the UUID. Just tell me now, what it is. Technically it works sure, but it's still ... Typical engineering work. Something that works, but is still completely and absolutely nightmarish to use in practice. Btw, you'd think you could probably copy paste that UUID? No, of course not. They've prevented that just for lulz.
  • When moving messages from folder to another Thunderbird hangs. Yep, nothing new. But it happens to annoy me every time it happens. This time I moved only around 400 messages, but it was enough. Btw. That also happens on Windows & Linux platforms. In some cases moving one larger message is enough. So yep, some kind of race condition or something, non-handled timeout or whatever. Anyway, it's obvious fail. Quick Googling reveals that this problem has been out there for a decade. When moving messages, this also randomly causes messages to be permanently lost. So it's a bad fail. Restarting isn't enough. This has also been out there for more than a decade.
  • 5G - 5th generation mobile networks - No standard yet. Ever higher frequencies and bandwidths with lower latency. Nothing new in that sense. It's funny that they're talking 100 mebabit/s.
  • Wasn't 4G supposed to be 1 Gbit/s? Yes, it was. But it's much nicer to get 'new technologies' all the time from marketing perspective. Just like the 'led' tv, which isn't led tv. It's just LCD TV with LED light. As well as all the BS about 'fiber' connections using good old CAT3 and Coaxial cables. Marketing is full of BS.
  • Dynamic Spectrum Management (DSM) / Dynamic Spectrum Access (DSA) - Nothing new here, but it was a good read.
  • In many posts it seems that people focus on NSA and CIA even if Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) got also very important intelligence roles.
  • Google finally trying to get App Engine Web Sockets API ready, after 8 years of tuning. It seems that the platform has stagnated very significantly after initial quick development.
  • Strangely Lenovo Yoga 2 WiFi / WLAN has lost signal. It's very poor. I guess there's some fault with the antenna connection. Yet they claim that the Lenovo got multiple antennas, so it's very strange that all of those would get suddenly disconnected. WiFi does work, but the signal reception is extremely bad. Like there wouldn't be any antenna connected at all. kw: Problem, failure, loss of signal, WiFi, poor reception.
  • Checked out Rotor ship and Turbosail.