Matrix/Element, Logitech, NAT64, 21H2, Random, VPN

  1. Element (Matrix) many users are seriously confused by the fact, that Element Web-app defaults to "remember me" mode. They would prefer that the web-sessions would get terminated after some time at prefixed or after idle time. At least that should be an option you can choose.

  2. Yet another annoying bug, with matrix-commander it seems that the Matrix state is messed up, haha. I'm so happy to see others failing with this stuff too. Everything is made so insanely complex nowadays. I had my own problems with the same stuff while implementing the TTL BOT which expires (deletes / redacts) messages from room after specified time. First the client said, I'm not in the room. Well, that's not true the client id is in the room at least from server side. When I leave the room from the client, server says it left. When I try to join, servers says you'll need invite. Ok, now I'll create invite, and join with it. Now the client joins. But whenever I try to send messages or receive messages from the room, it'll just give invite error, even if the client is already in the room. * Bonk! * So classic * - Very classic example of the stuff I've been writing. We want to make the tech so advanced, it's like magic. So it ends up being so super advanced, it doesn't even work! Ha, it's truly like magic! - After updating docker image, the state was so messed up, that the client is verified on server side, but not on client side. Gotta log out and log in again. - Well, ended up resetting the matrix-commander completely, with new setup and verifying keys, etc. Done.

  3. Resend / retry options are still broken with Element Android. How hard can that be to get it right? First automatic reasonable retry and then manual retry which works. Now it miraculously works by copy pasting the message / image and deleting the failing copy of it. Which is just like, doh, who made this bleeping code. Failed successfully? And in case there is an permanent error, how about letting the user know what error it is? It's just so Microsoftey to say, error, without any further information. It's just like the classic troll post of error messages I made a few years ago. Tough luck, you suck, try again. And never ever give any feedback to the user, what was actually wrong and why.

  4. It would be so nice if Matrix Pidgin plugin would be included in the Tails OS image.

  5. Logitech 705 Marathon Mouse - Is there some kind of design flaw? Because the right mouse button starts to fail so often. I've got four such mouses, all with bad contact with the right button. kw: LogitechMouse

  6. Tested Trex NAT64 service (@, it works beautifully for IPv6 networks.

  7. Joys of tech, Windows 10 workstation self-destructed while installing 21H2 thanks for that. Sigh. Maybe the TPM sabotage they tried earlier wasn't enough, maybe it's now time to buy a new computer. Sigh again. I'll try a few tricks to get it to boot, but if it's done, then it's done. Let's see if the disk encryption keys are actually recoverable. I naturally do have backups of disk encryption keys, but at one point it seemed that Windows also rotated those keys all the time, due to the TPM (failure) sabotage.

  8. Bad random? Sounds silly, but it's age old problem. - Kaspersky Password Manager's random password generator was about as random as your wall clock (@ That's why I keep my own random pool, so I don't need to trust others random pools.

  9. Reviewed a bunch of VPN providers for a friend. There's huge selection of VPN providers, others more trustworthy than others. But in the end, for normal user, it's pretty impossible to rank those. Also as short side node, it's ridiculous to talk about ISP throttling with VPN because the true bottleneck is the VPN itself, they're throttling or limiting all traffic.

  10. Reminded myself about Shadowsocks (@ Wikipedia).

  11. Something different? Northern Sea Route (@ Wikipedia). Interesting to see how this develop, climate change (@ Wikipedia) is bad, but it'll make even transpolar / transarctic passage directly via Northen Pole, without staying close to Canada's or Russia's shores, viable sooner or later. kw: artic, polar, passage, transportation, shipping. - Random quote: "You can only be betrayed by someone you trust". - Still wondering the highly random functionality of Google Sites WYSIWYG, I've seen so many different random outcomes that this could be used as random number generator. With previous post page headers got auto generated, today I followed same procedure and ended up with completely blank page.