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  1. An introduction to Linux virtual interfaces: Tunnels (@ ) . A very nice article about Linux and network tunnels. Liked it a lot. There are some tunneling types which I haven't ever heard of. But it seems that in this case, many of the newer protocols seem to be over UDP instead of IP level (as independent protocol). Which is totally expected development.

  2. Lots of tuning with sysprep (@ Wikipedia ) / (unattended.xml and imaging tools, to get system deployment to roll as fast as possible.

  3. Found out that Thunderbird 78 disables Enigmail (@ Wikipedia ) OpenPGP extension for GnuPG (@ Wikipedia ). Because the feature is Experimental in the Thunderbird (@ Wikipedia ) version. Yet, Thunderbird team also announced that version 78.2 will introduce native support for OpenPGP (@ Wikipedia ). Nice. It's always nice to have integrated security tools, which makes using encryption, signing, decryption and signature verification so much easier than doing all that manually with external program.

  4. Finally Tor onion v2 links will be deprecated and the more secure v3 onion (@ ) service links will be the only version being used. Onion (@ Wikipedia )

  5. A nice post about efficiency and security by B. Schneier (@ ). Something I've covered several times. Sometimes keeping security and emergency reserves is seen as too costly and inefficient. This is the reason why most companies won't bother. Unless especially it's required by the customer. Also it's clear that these are kind of requirements, which immediately add extra work, and extra cost. If it's extra personnel, extra power generation capacity, extra fuel, extra communication networks, extra emergency locations to relocate to and so on. Having redundant production capacity etc. All that is very expensive. To maintain, and as long as the brown stuff doesn't hit the propeller, it's all serious extra cost and waste! Just like N+1 redundancy is efficient and the more efficient it gets when the N grows. Yet at the same time redundancy capacity is reduced. If there's one backup for two units. Ok. But what if there's one backup for ten, hundred or thousand units? As example RAID5, or AC units, backup cars, laptops or whatever. Emergency and crisis readiness.

  6. Annualized Loss Expectancy (ALE) (@ Wikipedia ), Single-Loss Expectancy (SLE) (@ Wikipedia ), Annual Rate of Occurrence (ARO), Exposure Factor (EF) (@ Wikipedia ), Asset Value (AV).

  7. Telia Savitarna Backdoor (@ ) - I've seen so many systems that I wouldn't call something like this totally unexpected. . Backdoor? Well, it depends if it's designed to be one. Many systems are inherently designed to be insecure, it doesn't mean it would be a backdoor.

  8. Two very nice articles about JPEG encoding / compression getting explained. Unraveling the JPEG (@ ) and JPEG [JAY-peg] (@ GitHub ).

  9. My roles also cover DevOps (@ Wikipedia ) and Solution Architect (@ Wikipedia ) roles, when developing systems, among many others.

  10. Updated latest firmware with Zyxel and I've still got the same problem, IPv6 works, but gets extremely badly rate limited (@ this ), just like it would be a broadcast traffic. Sigh!

  11. I just noticed that my blog doesn't link to Cicada 3301 (@ Wikipedia ) at all, now it's linked. Good old stuff. I were pretty sure it was somewhere here already posted, but nope.

  12. Apache Guacamole RCE (@ Checkpoint ) - Yep, luckily not using Guacamole right now, otherwise there would have been some hasty updating.

  13. Had to deal with TPM (@ Wikipedia ) issues. Thank you Microsoft for this *bleeping* stuff again. TPM Win10-ps (@ ). Reset and disabled. Microsoft 365 (@ Wikipedia ) claims that TPM module is corrupted and constantly throws out of Office 365 login sessions etc.

  14. Microsoft Teams (@ Wikipedia ) image sharing is extremely badly coded. It doesn't detect references to same image. Some times new images can replace old ones and state is left unclear. If existing images are referenced, images aren't being shown and so on. - Once again solution, which is so badly coded, that only question which remains, is that were they intentionally trolling and trying to make it as frustrating and bad as possible? Are they now having a good laugh when I post this? Probably. Every single time when I use it, it frustrates and sucks.