Post date: Apr 27, 2014 8:00:43 AM

  • Started one project, just to see if works out or not. MVP implementation will be available at at some point of time. Because summer is too precious in Finland, I won't be programming when sun is shining. Only if weather is bad, I don't have anything more important do do, then I'll program. Currently there are too many rough edges with the project, so access is restricted.
  • Studied uWSGI options thoroughly. Especially configuration load options made me smile. We're using configuration method X. No that's not the hacker way of doing it. We can load configuration from: ini, xml, yaml, json, sqlite3, ldap. I just can't stop loving that. People often say that method X is the right way of doing it. But it's just the same data in different container, so it isn't hard to support multiple options. Logging options made me smile very widely.
  • Studied even more available CDN options, M5, Bitgravity, cdn77, Cachefly, Cloudflare, Cloudfront, ChinaCache, Fastly, Limelight. And decided to ditch those due dynamic content latency.It's just better to deliver data straight from the server and not via CDN if it isn't static (or rarely updated) content. Content which is separately generated for each user, is only slowed down due to additional latency that CDN causes.
  • Excellent post series from Ars Technica, how to run your own email server. That's exactly what I have done.
  • Why SSL certificate revocation check is useless.