LC4 & LS47 cipher printable tiles sheet (PDF & PNG)

Post date: May 15, 2018 2:23:05 PM, Update date: Mar 6, 2022 8:4921 AM

LC4 is another pen-and-paper symmetric cipher, using mutable s-box appliance tiles for cipher state and encryption key. LS47 is basically same, but with extended character set and different marker mode. Yet these can be applied as required.

LC4 Tiles - PDF view & download

LC4 Tiles PNG view & download

LS47 Tiles PDF view & download

LC47 Tiles PNG view & download

Why? I did a quick search and didn't find anything else than 3D printable STL version. Duh, but I don't need that. Here's simple version which you can print with any printer, and then attach the tiles to your favorite background. What ever it is. Heavy plastic, cardboard, wood / lego blocks or so.

The set doesn't include the marker object / block / tile, because that's something you'll need to physically have. You can use any small suitable object.

The EFAIL attack / vulnerability, is perfect example why encryption on computer (and handling the plaintext) is potentially dangerous.

Update: Here is exa's LS47 STL 3D printable tileset and Python implementation of the LS47 (@ GitHub).

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