IPv6, Software, NTFS encryption, Security, PEP 557

  • Sometimes small things are very annoying. Like UpCloud Windows Server 2016 and 2019 configuration, which is by default broken on IPv6 configuration. You'll have to take every time manual steps to fix the broken configuration. Let's see, if the next image version they'll provide would be finally fixed. Most annoying part of this, that everything seems to be ok, until it breaks down bit later. So if you just check that everything is ok, it's ok. Until boom. - Yet another thing, which is more like trolling. Make it seem like it would work. - No this isn't about MLD. This is about IPv6 Privacy and Temporary Addressing. - Of course temporary addressing would be fine, if they wouldn't filter the traffic out from temporary addresses.
  • Software / service quality: Subway account registration doesn't work. Arkkeo email address confirmation fails with JSON error message, it seems that their checkbox + submit, doesn't work without JavaScript. Hahah. This is all so funny. - In general, all kind of bonus systems are just absolutely devastating waste of time and resources. On both sides, vendors suffer, and customers suffer. Only party winning from these "advantage programs", is the party providing the platform and systems. Because maintenance, development and operation is expensive. - It would be huge win for everyone to ditch such systems. - Costs savings, wasted time savings, etc. - Oh yeah, and even more that for different kind of bs apps that some s*it organizations are trying to push. - Someday if I'm bored and they have any kind of redeem code system, like subway does, I could just try to brute force a few codes for fun and figure out how many request per second their app back ends can handle. Some back end work amazingly well with high loads and are properly protected, others fail surprisingly quickly. I just happened to lose the redeem code and decided to find it by sending random requests at high rate. It's totally your own fault that you've made the key space so large, and the codes long and expire after sometime. Which just means that I've gotta do it using massive parallelism and very high request rates, to have even fleeing change to finding it in time. Btw. One large packing garage nearby requires you to install their own app to park there. That's really sickening.
  • On one Windows 10 computer NTFS encyrption was disabled. I found that there are at least three ways to deal with that, Group Policy, Registry and fsutil behavior set disableencryption 0. Interesting. I just wonder why the encryption would have been disabled by default? I guess the reason would be users enabling encryption, without backing up the keys (?). Yet, that doesn't matter if you've got proper backups, encrypted with alternate key, which you've got, of course. - Yet after trying all of those, we concluded that any of those didn't make any difference. Encryption still didn't work. There's also "device encryption" option in control panel which needs to be enabled.
  • In one case, corporate security as usual. Somebody ring doorbell, somebody opened door, that guy walked somewhere, picked up something, when someone asked what's happening, he said, "I'm getting some laptops for service" and went out. That's so awesome. People are so worried about virtual security, but also the physical security is often practically 100% failure. It also helps a lot if you've got targeted info about what to pickup from where, so "looking for target" won't take too long. If you seem to know where you're going and doing, nobody's going to care. Because nobody knows what's where, it makes figuring out what's missing very hard. It might take quite a while to figure out what's a miss, if it's even ever figured out.
  • Python PEP 557 Data Classes- At first I were like, ahh. More 'features', where are the actual benefits? But sure, it's nice to have a compare and hash predefined, that's a real benefit. Also having option for frozen is nice feature and sort_index. Reducing boilerplate good. Yet the dotted notation isn't a big deal, because you could do that with dictionaries extended sub classed and little of python magic.
class dot_dict(dict):
  """ Dictionary supporting .dot.notation, for setting and getting values """
  def __getattr__(self, k):
    return self.__getitem__(k)
  def __setattr__(self, k, v):
    self.__setitem__(k, v)
  def __delattr__(self, k):

ddict = dot_dict()
ddict.it_just_works = 'with.dot_notation'
ddict.it_just_works # If run using interactive mode, prints out the value set above
del ddict.it_just_works

Usable and it just works, if you've got lot of dictionaries to work with, and don't like the normal way of dealing with traditional key name ['stuff'].