IP Spoofing, Code loss, Microservices, Python, Images

  • IP Spoofing & DDoS by Cloudflare. Yeah, nothing new. This is decades old stuff.
  • Holy F-word... Something happened on my development environment and most of source code was lost. I have a exact time stamp when it happened. But I don't have any clue what actually caused it. Of course I do have backups, but the funnies part of this horrible even was that I were just testing different backup applications. So I actually happened to have four different parallel backup systems running for exactly that key data. - I tried running full restore using all of these applications and recovery worked. But I'm still darn worried, because I don't know what caused that data loss to begin with. Files were gone, but empty directories were intact. I had exact time stamps when the directories were updated and it seems that all data got deleted during one minute. Phew. So strange. But just a perfect example, why backups are important, raid won't help in this kind of situation at all. This is also one of the reasons why many servers run hourly backups to remote locations where it's impossible to delete data. Whatever happens, we've got at last backup restore points with one hour accuracy and we can restore that. Due this fact, nothing at all got lost. - Phew! - Can't avoid playing with the idea that backup software would delete customer data, just to make the point of having backups more valid. Haha. It would be kind of funny, (argh!). We've completed the backup. To restore data pay .... All data has been wiped. Just one variant of crypto extortion malware. - Well, it was like that. After checking in detail what happens at that time SOS Backup had default option to "move files to cloud" and delete those from local disk after 7 days... Great job! But I'm sure this makes people order more restores. ;) Also good reminder why backups are important, and also why every configuration parameter and setting should be verified and even then not trusted. I was bit worried it would be some of my programs which would sweep old files from disk. But it turned out to be the backup software. - After testing all these software in different scenarios, I just have to say that Duplicati 2 is technically totally awesome compared to many other (commercial) alternatives. - Data integrity & data loss issues can be stresfull. Happy this turned out to be such a simple matter after all.
  • Had yet anohter discusion about JSON / Microservices. There's nothing new about RPC or Modularity. One problem is that some newbie developers don't even understand the amount of overhead, and drawbacks of these technologies. - But it all depends on so many factors. But the only truth is that there's no single perfect solution. Solution needs to be created based on specific circumstances and requirements.
  • Range is not an iterator - Sure. But this article could have also explained generators and iteratos in detail. But it skipped that. Nothing new here, but it's still a good post.
  • Also yet another post about GIL.
  • It's amazing how often cloud service providers offer badly configured images. Many features are broken by default in the image. It's still very common to see IPv6 to be totally broken and requiring full manual configuration and registry changes and so on. Currently UpCloud is serving broken VM images. There's long list of other broken features to be fixed, but that's just outright annoying. When you launch a cloud server, at least you should assume it's networking is working, without serious tuning. Oh yeah, and of course they also use privacy addressing by default. But then they filter privacy addressing traffic on network level, etc. Sigh, this doesn't make any sense.
  • Changing times with Windows. I just replaced lots of old bat / cmd files with new PowerShell scripts.