Information warfare, TDaaS, MailGun, PostgreSQL, ctypes, WinDLL, IoT

Post date: Dec 14, 2015 3:14:00 AM

  • Bought a Finnish book about information warfare, politics, changing public opinion, politics and tactics.
  • Quite a spread on Internet connection pricing. For same Internet speed one offer was 76,4% cheaper than the most expensive one and vice versa the most expensive one is 424% more expensive than the cheapest one. That's huge difference on similar fiber optic connection depending from service providers monthly fee to the same location.
  • CISA passed in US senate and Net Neutrality is in real danger in Europe. We're living interesting times.
  • HAproxy and Microservices. One friend of mine changed his services to use docker. Now instead of running one 'server' he's running about 30 docker containers. Yet it added some overhead and problems, but mostly it's working just fine. What are the real benefits is the great question after this. He made it to learn stuff, but will it make system maintenance easier in the future is a great question. No real data yet. I've gotta ask for it.
  • Telecom operators are selling your information for great profits. Nice business, eh? This is justs hat big data and combining information out of sight is all about. kw: TDaaS Telecom Data as a Service. I've heard some rumors in Finland about this too. But I can't really say anything more about this topic. It's nice to see articles about it. From privacy standpoint companies working in this field would be excellent targets or partners for Intelligence Agencies like NSA, GCHQ, BND or FRA. As I've warned, there are often many indirect routes to gain access to sensitive data where it's not properly safeguarded.
  • Studied MailGun documentation thoroughly. Router rules are a nice thing. Yet, I've been developing using Bottle framework and all incoming HTTP requests and URLs are unsurprisingly handled using routers. One friend working in email business didn't recommend using MailGun, running own mail server is better option. MailGun's abuse department is very unresponsive.
  • Excellent blog post, What PostgreSQL has over other open source SQL databases: Part II - Here's also link to Part I in case you've missed it.
  • Fixed one old application I wrote long time a go. It uses ctypes and WinDLL calls from Python to access routines stored in Windows Dynamic-Link Library.
  • Read a book about Internet of Things (IoT) - kw: M2M, Industrial Internet, networked society, machine to machine communications, smart objects, smart grid, sensor data, embedded Internet, Scaled Agile Framework (SAF), Lean, developers, Kanban, road map, fail early fail often, business case, value proposition, quick development, smaller job batches, limiting number of parallel tasks and making development predictable and efficient. Optimizing the overall development process. Customer Journey Map, Digitalization, real-time monitoring, real-time economy, sensor networks, miniaturization, personal health information and privacy questions. Are consumers and businesses basically forced to change? Open Data, My Data concepts, smart home, smart buildings, central cloud control of devices and sensors, quick prototyping, data visualization, data discovery and analytics, insights and forecasts. Incorporating this data into Business Analytics (BI) tools. Discovering and proving different kind of new correlations between data points. Big Data, data storage, data warehousing, storage systems, production management, logistics, stock management, customer management, service management. Control room data feedback and dashboard information in heavy industry manufacturing. Data Loss Prevention (DPL), Product Data Management (PDM) and Product Life-cycle Management (PLM) software, Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM), Process Management, reliability engineering, failure prediction, failure detection, Industry 4.0, Cyber-Physical Systems CPS, Access Control and Management, local data processing and pre-filtration, prognostics, piloting, experimental, technologies, technology, Operation and maintenance support, distributed experts, process/machine status data, monitoring, diagnostics, alerts, position data, remote measurements, images, video, operational data, life-time estimates, decision support, spare parts, anomaly detection, productivity and performance monitoring, fleet control, automatic knowledge capture and utilization. Knowledge data base and history data. Energy efficiency, Smart Power Networks,
  • Digitalization and Internet of Things for Retail Business. kw: Internet of Everything, promotions, campaigns, customer loyalty systems, Amazon Dash, Alibaba Internet of Things Cloud Platform, data, information, knowledge, understanding, wisdom. Crystal Clear software development.
  • Generic topis: IPv6, Quality of Service (QoS), network security, network access control, load balancing, Black Hat, Defcon, virtualization, Software Defined Networks (SDN), Data Center Networking, Next Generation Firewall (NG-FW), 5G, Mobile Technology, Wireless Data Transfer,
  • Links: Cyber-physical system and Prognostics kw: remaining useful life (RUL), prognostics and health management (PHM), system health management (SHM), vehicle health management (VHM), engine health management (EHM).