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Post date: Jul 5, 2016 3:59:47 AM

  • Progress Towards 100% HTTPS, June 2016 - Let's Encrypt - Free SSL/TLS Certificates - Very nice. It would be great to get all sites to use HTTP/2 with HTTPS of course aka H2.
  • More quality software. Skype on Linux is losing half of text being written and so on. So much quality software. Pure love. I wonder what's wrong with the keyboard input handler.
  • It seems that TP-LINK TD-W9980 V1 firmware TD-W9980_V1_160125 is still buggy. It keeps losing IPv6 configuration. Fixing it? I'll be happy to provide more details. World is just so full of quality software. Once again. Temporary workaround? One server in network checks if IPv6 is available, if it isn't. It connects the modem using script and re-enables it. Sure it works, but it's totally brain dead way of dealing with this issue. (I know, this isn't going to be first nor last workaround I had to implement for others crappy code, but that's just life.) I just need to make this stuff work.
  • Not enough bad software yet? Just found out that the web shop where I wanted to order some stuff didn't work properly and I couldn't pay the purchases. I've been wondering how much money they have to make, to be so rich they're ignoring paying customers and tell them to get lost. Keep your money, we've got so much we don't know what we would do with it anyway. - Thank you for rejecting me. - Yet, I found another supplier of course. They accepted my money.
  • Re-checked Sigfox integration API and Backend RESTful connectors with JSON to confirm that those are suitable for the project requirements. Also the messaging limits are pretty important 12 bytes and 140 msg/s day. Communication can be initiated only by the device, not by the network.
  • Configured a new 8 TB archive storage drive for backups / long term low demand data storage, used smartctl to run extended self-test, then run badblocks to run proper read write media tests and tune2fs to configure fcsk boot options, fstab to set writeback mode for ramdisk like write performance for small non fsynced writes. hdparm to set preferred power saving options.
  • Disabling paste on password fields - Nice post. Disabling paste will guarantee bad passwords.
  • A nice analysis about Apple's new Apple File System (APFS). kw: NAND flash-aware characteristics, blocks,pages, FTL, SSD, ECC, ZFS, metadata, checksumming, metadata and data consistency, HFS, HFS+.
  • I've been using NTFS on USB Flash Memory Sticks and external drivers for over 5 years when using Linux / Windows mixed use. No problems so far. This of course wouldn't mean it's problem free or 'rock solid', but in normal daily use I haven't encountered any. Why? Because meta data journaling. exFAT works as well, but it doesn't journal -> less reliable. - This is just an answer to people asking if NTFS works with Linux, it does.
  • Kerv is cool, some say. I guess there's rate limits. So there's single payment limit as well as daily payment limit + notification / automatic suspension, if something is "out of the ordinary". - Yet in technical terms, nothing new. I just can't stand this all "this is so bleep" with something new, which isn't technically anything new. Actually technically something really awesome and new happens extremely rarely. I guess Kerv is basically yet another implementation of the "NFC payment stickers" which one operator in Finland has been pushing out as mobile payments. You just need to glue that sticker on your phone. What kind of stupid marketing lies are those.
  • Rechecked Apache Kafka - messaging system. - No I don't see use for it right now. But might become handy with some project.
  • It seems that is finally back online.