HSTS, SPDY, 802.11n MIMO & 40MHz, Android apps usability, 3TB drive + XP

Post date: May 6, 2012 2:27:50 PM

  • Enabled HSTS (HTTP Strict Transport Security) for s.sami-lehtinen.net server, and it seems to work fine.
  • Enabled SPDY protocol for my s.sami-lehtinen.net server and disabled it due Segmentation fault errors. Unfortunately I weren't able to resolve that issue quickly enough, so I'll try again when I get more information about this problem.
  • Configured Apache2 server at ftl.sami-lehtinen.net to use MPM event library, for optimal performance and user experience. FTL is my new trial test server in Germany with new hosting company.
  • Tested a few N wlan base stations and wlan roaming features with different clients. Unfortunately many wlan devices do not properly support even 300Mbit wlan which requires (2x MIMO antennas and 40MHz bandwidth, which isn't usually available in cities especially on 2.4GHz frequency range). It became also evident that different wlan devices roam very differently. Others roam quickly and some devices won't roam at all, meaning that connection must simply fail before new base station is being used. Unfortunately that easy leads to situation where user experience and network throughput gets very poor and only way to fix it, is making the connection even poorer until it fails. Luckily some client apps are smart enough to reconnect automatically after this kind of failure.
  • Many Android apps clearly aren't well designed, often enter key isn't mapped to logical function. When ever you write something, you just can't press enter to "finish it off". Cursor navigation also works very poorly with many apps, including Dolphin Mini and HD browsers. In general cursor navigation with Android devices doesnt work as well as I would like it to work. With Android default web browser window manager doesn't work properly, it some times loses title of window in list above the window that got closed. Bugs, bugs and more bugs! Even if preview is hidden, when you delete first email from list, second email in list can get flagged as read etc. Many minor flaws that just tell the story that everything isn't ready yet with Android.
  • Had interesting moments trying to get 3TB drive to work with older workstation. Why older work station? It's only being used for storing other hard drive images and runs PXE boot stuff. For some reason it was absolutely impossible to use full capacity even with Acronics Extended Capacity Manager when drive was using USB interface. I just used sata port from motherboard and then Acronics was able to detect disk and full 3 TB capacity was available. Only problem remained 2.2 TB partition limit due Windows XP, but it isn't that big problem at all and can be worked out by creating multiple partitions.