H.265 HEVC on Linux, TaCMA, algorithms, Java 9, Sabotage, Python slots

Post date: Aug 19, 2014 3:44:14 PM

  • I had to install VLC from Ubuntu Utopic repositories, because the version with Trusty doesn't support H.265 HEVC video encoding. One interesting documentary was released using it, and I were unable to view it without installing libraries supporting it. Now everything seems to be working great.
  • High-motion: While checking codecs, I had to also check out term I encountered and didn't mean what it really means.
  • Watched Terms and Conditions May Apply documentary, and loved it. So true!
  • Really neat page about algorithm visualizations.
  • Checked out new Java 9 features, JSON API, HTTP/2 client and locking & segmented code cache features.
  • Studied several articles about sabotage. Basically it's just best practices, reliability and high efficiency reversed. Make everything badly, unreliable and highly non-efficient. In such cases it's hard to prove that there has been any sabotage to begin with, but nothing gets agreed about nor works out. Basically if you know how to make things work really well, you'll also know how to reverse that trend when and if required. Sudden unhandled excpetions, buffer overruns, lose pointers, overflows, divizion by zero, etc.
  • Read rant about Python and slots and this one too. Actually, I haven't ever had to especially deal with Python slots. Now I know more.