H2, PEP 554, UBL, StarLink, GIL, IMPI, WiGig, MU-MIMO, AV1, VLC, Raptor Engine

  • HTTP/2 prioritization for faster web - As mentioned, it was obvious that HTTP/2 makes lot of complex optimization possible. Here's the Cloudflare's take on that. As well great continuation to that: How image loading is affected. kw: performance, h2, http2, jpeg, jpeg2000, webp, AV1 Image File Format (AVIF)
  • Python PEP 554 - Subinterpereters - Way to work around GIL or make it more fine grained, no. One way to having more parallel GILs.
  • Universal Business Language (UBL) - Reminded my-self about Pan-European Public Procurement Online (PEPPOL) e-Procurement / e-Invoicing standards, message syntax, requirements and transmission protocols. Business Interoperability Specifications (BIS). The multi-lateral access point protocol is very similar to how e-Receipts are handled by Finnish corresponding standards. Or just like SMTP, IRC, Matrix.org and Estonian X-Road works. Clients connect to access point and access point then communicates with rest of the network. Which grealy simplifies the client configuration. Ref: peppol.eu
  • StarLink - Nice. Future will show what we're going to actually get, if anything. While thinking about that I found a list of countries which ban or regulate satellite phones. Some were easy to guess, some were kind of surprises. It's good to know that having a satellite phone can be a really serious crime. It's also nice to see Krypton engines being active and working. I've been wondering why those aren't being used more often. Or other engines being in Ion thruster category.
  • Nice blog post about the topic: Has the Python GIL been slain? For my production code, I haven't had problems with multiprocessing, because it's always pretty straight forward. One master and multiple workers in pool. Hasn't been a problem for me so far. As mentioned optimization can lead to all kinds of tweaks and kludges, which make just the code complex, confusing and error prone.
  • Listened a great talk about: IMPI related riskis @ YouTube. Nice talk, yet nothing new. Bad code and more bad code. That's the ultimate backdoor, because operating system and rest of software running in the environment are totally under IMPI control. Broken or missing encryption, signatures and authentication and so on. Classic stuff. kw: ACPI, UEFI, remote server management
  • WiGig - IEEE_802.11ad - IEEE_802.11ay - 802.11aj - 802.11ax - MU-MIMO, phased array, beamforming, 45 GHz CMMW, 60 GHz, millimeter wave (EHF). Now bandwidth hungry applications can get what they need.
  • "Any target who is very good at communication security, they are almost always made vulnerable by others that they communicate with". - Yes, painfully true. Because it's almost impossible to get people to work in a secure way. Only good way is to exclude them.
  • Tested Firefox AV1 video codec, and it's great. Amazing quality from YouTube with 4K and 8K videos. Great! I love it. I just which h265 and AV1 would be used a lot more. Unfortunately it's still common to encounter bad quality h.264 / MPEG-4 AVC videos.
  • Wondering why VLC (VideoLAN Client / VLC media player) doesn't support HTML subtitles. It's kind of annoying that it shows all the color tags as text, instead of changing the text color. If there's no support for HTML color codes, then stripping the tags would be nicer than showing those.
  • Raptor Engine - A nice article by Everyday Astronaut telling the story of SpaceX full flow staged combustion cycle rocket engines.