Google IO, Windows 10, Open Source, Fintech, Randomware, Facebook, Windows Hangs, UPS

Post date: Jun 3, 2018 3:26:08 AM

  • Google I/O 2017 - Notes: Unsurprisingly Google AI - - was in very important part of the show. It's at the same time awesome and kind of scary. Deep learning is the way to go. Super Chat was just like from the all dark tv shows. Pay us and something will happen. Whatever that will be. Choose your favorite horror movie. We'll be live streaming it! Picture in Picture, Awesome.... Nope, it's meh! Smart Text Selection is actually useful. I've been so often very annoyed by the fact that text selection is so hard. Background execution limits, nice. Developer Tools, Play Console Dashboard is awesome. It answers many of the questions which usually don't get resolved, because everyones claiming that the problem isn't a problem. Android Studio Profilers. Kotlin officially supported on Android, awesome. YouTube Go, that sounds like again that silly development I've talked about. When there's unlimited fast mobile data everywhere, what's the point of downloading content or saving bandwidth. Even most of Wifi's are backhauled using 4G nowadays, in private homes. Tango - Visual Positioning Service (VPS), providing a centimeter location resolution.
  • Windows 10 is Microsoft Botnet with Dragnet Surveillance - Well, no actually any surprises there. I'm so happy I jumped off the Microsoft train when XP was released. I though it was already intrusive enough. But it's nothing compared to Windows 10. One some of the Windows work stations I'm randomly using, I'm getting OneDrive popups all the time etc. - More than year later, I just today (posting date) did read news that Office is also going to have a telemetry feature.
  • Had long discussions about concepts of supporting open source. No details available, but I think supporting open source is win - win situation. Everyone gets good software and it can be improved if there are any particular needs and the end results are shared for everyone to use.
  • Read several arguments discussing fintech, bitcoin, other crypto currencies, real valuation, gold, etc. Well, lot's of good points in those articles. But as said, bitcoin value is based on belief, and well see what it will be in future. - This was triggered by the fact that the valuation of bitcoin is right now above $ 2000 USD and almost € 2000 EUR. - I've been also exploring 'alternative investments' and ways to maintain value. Gold isn't ever investment. It's just a way to maintaining value and even that naturally isn't risk free.
  • Future of Ransomware - IoT risks are alarming, once again. Not any news, I would say. Future is going to be interesting, that' sure.
  • Get your loved ones off Facebook. Yes, that's nothing new or unexpected. We knew this from the very beginning. But it's up to you, if you really think it's worthwhile giving your private information to them.
  • Again got a few Windows server hangs. It seems that if there are any disk i/o related issues, Windows goes way too often belly up, which is pretty annoying. This also happens on multiple completely independent service providers. So, it seems to be a feature of Windows. Probably some kind of I/O timeouts (?) cause the system to enter read only mode, to avoid messing up storage. - Yet nobody, I've talked about this knows, what and why.
  • Just a fun thing, when I were writing the previous line. UPS power failure caused immediate system shutdown. With warning time of around maybe just one second. Sometimes I wonder which one actually cause more problems, using or not using UPS device. Because it's so common that UPS is actually source of the problems, and not actually saving the system from power related damage.