Good workers? Working Remote, Telecommuting?

Post date: Sep 17, 2014 3:43:20 PM

Thinking about remote work? Well, are you a good worker in first place? Are you ...

Action oriented autonomous

Meaning that if no task is defined, you'll be still working on something valuable to the project. There are always things to explore and improve, even if nobody especially says so.

Prioritization: In case of conficting tasks or no tasks at all, you'll have to decide what it's worth of doing first and what should be done later.

Efficient Communication

Because remote teams communicate over email, chats, etc. Are you proficient communicator? It's very easy to notice that many people are very bad remote workers. They don't ask what to do nor they'll provide sufficient or any information about what they're planning to do and even more importantly what they have done so far.

Trustworthy and Diciplined

If nobody can trust you, then you're bad worker. Many say that non trustworthy workers shouldn't be hired in first place or they should be fired immediately. If worker is so bad, that you have to monitor things so you can trust anything is getting done, it's better not to employ that worker at all.

Motivation & Self-actualization

They enjoy different challenges and solving problems.

Required Information

Provide enough background information for tasks. Prioritization is impossible unless enough is known about th problem to make efficient decisions. Same applies to scope of taks, without proper scoping it's possible to get bare bones (shoddy kludge) or feature creep (They might need these features at some point in the future) problems depending from situation. Like in cases, when there's tons of other important tasks to do versus situations when there doesn't seem to be anything to do at all.

My personal experience

I've been doing this kind of stuff since 1992, programming and project management over IRC / email globally with distant members whom I haven't ever met. As we I've been managing out sourced developer teams at Winpos. I know how to make remote work to work, as well as know the issues which will grind everything to halt for sure.

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