Go-CLOCK-Pro, Nominatim, Go GC, Social tracking urls requiring login

Post date: Aug 9, 2014 7:42:44 AM

  • PyClockPro the CLOCK-Pro implementation has been ported as go-clockpro for Go (golang) by Damian Gryski. That's nice. It's really nice to notice that even smaller library projects released as open source can be useful for people.
  • At times the Nominatim API for OpenStreetMap is really super slow. Requets can easily take 20+ seconds. For many cases, that's simply way too slow. I hope the performance would be more consistent.
  • Read plan for Go 1.4+ Garbage Collection (GC) Plan and Roadmap. Target is to reduce GC latency. Solution is hybrid GC which uses hybrid stop the world (STW)/ concurrent garbage collector (CGC). In jargon: non-generatinol, non-moving, concurrent, tri-color, mark and sweep collector. 1.6+ will probably add generational collection with nursery (new) and mature (old) spaces.
  • Rant: Broken links and ultimate user tracking
    • It's seems that Google is getting so eager with tracking everything, that they totally break basic features with that. Unfortunately I've been seeing that with other crappy sites like LinkedIn too.
    • I just got user profile link to one email account. But I can't add it to Google+ because it requires me to sign up with the email address the invite is sent to. Even if I strip the url from all the crap, except the ID, it's clear that the url only contains 'invite id' for tracking purposes. There's no reference to the user inviting me at all.
    • I just so much hate crappy sites, which break everything doing junk like that. If there's public resource being shared. It would be totally natural that the link shared would work for everyone. Now in this case, even if I'm signed in to Google+, when I want to visit the inviters profile Google+ requires me to sign up. Totally screwed uber tracking junk. How about making systems that would be somehow sanely usable, without all that spying stuff.
    • Same stuff applies to ultra crappy LinkedIn and Facebook shares. I can see the title of the page they're referring to. If I click the link, there's some kind of sign in now crap. Why I would like to sign in to see the referred site? No * king way. Usually I just copy paste the title of the page in quotes to Google and get what I want, because all that tracking crap prevented following the link in any sane way.
    • After all, I coudln't accept the invite, nor add the person to my current profile, because name used is generic, and there's no reference to the user profile. There's only that crappy invite id.
    • Similarly if there's interesting G+ dicussion, if you share it as URL, it's most probably broken, because their lame engineers just can't get it right.
    • Do you agree with me?