GCP, OB2, Windows, BBR, Passwords, Briar, Interrogation, RSK

  • Help keep your Google Cloud service account keys safe. Quite nice post about secure key management and means used to guarantee it.
  • I've been reading lot of OpenBazaar 2.0 source code lately. See it at GitHub: Desktop called previously client and Go previously known as Server. They've still got lot of work to do, before it's production ready. Still idea and concept of P2P trading is very interesting. It's like Bittorrented version of Ebay.
  • Amazing problems on Windows platform. Suddenly for unknown reasons, Windows Scheduler (Task Scheduler) launched processes start, but hang immediately. I added one extra task, which only logs the task being launched and quits. End result? Task remains in running state in scheduler, process is in active in process list, but no log file is getting updated. Yet if this same program is run using same user account as logged in, it works. And this test program was just written to see if this would happen. Because we've got similar kind of tasks, which hanged similarly. This is super annoying. Yet I've got another program running as service, with same user account. If I use it to launch the process, it works as expected. Why, why oh why. I've got no idea. Horrible kludge workaround is now available. But it's always very worrying is something fundamental is broken in unknown way. No, it's not memory, no it's not user rights. So, why is this happening? I've got absolutely no clue.
  • Google is finally using BBR congestion control. That's so awesome. I've been mostly using CUBIC as everyone else on Linux too. Good post about BBR @ APNIC.
  • G.Fast / cDTA allows TDMA VDSL2 connections. Allowing symmetric connections and dynamic balancing of down / up stream. Also FTTdp, yet another FTTX solution. DTA, DPU. Crosstalk problem. People just seem to love CAT3 so much. Even if in some places, like at my home, it's clearly even mis-installed. Some segments of the cat3 use normal power cable. I don't know why, it was professionals who did that installation.
  • Password Store - Awesome standard command line tool to store passwords securely.
  • Briar - Public beta started. Let's see, this could be possibly very interesting project. I've been following this project already for a long time. It's awesome to see beta being available. Yet the local communication provides very limited usability. Also if they say it's DDoS proof. Well it isn't. Just flood enough traffic and you'll cause DDoS, there's no way to protect against that on distributed platform, with unlimited attacker identities. Afaik. If there is, please explain me how that could happen.
  • Watched a documentary about modern interrogation techniques. Interrogation, Enhanced Interrogation Techniques and Covert interrogation - Won't work, if you're ask the wrong questions and subject is of course immediately very alarmed.
  • One TED talk said - Hallucination = Uncontrolled Perception and Perception = Controlled Hallucination. I just worded that years ago bit differently: Even if we all live in the same world, we all got our own reality (which is the perception on the real world).
  • I were offered an option to buy Status RSK crypto currency tokens. But hmm, no, no thank you. Maybe I missed one of my lifes best deals again. But unfortunately don't have time to focus enough on that. Even if the sum they were asking wasn't that big after all. It was still large enough not to 'trivially throw away' to buy nothing.