GAE 1.6.0/Python 2.7, HTML5, Media, TFTPD32/PXE/Clonezilla

Post date: Nov 13, 2011 8:12:32 PM

  • Tested new Google App Engine 1.6.0 with Python 2.7 runtime. Seems to be working well. In some situations thread-safe / multi-threading causes serious performance issues. I have to do more testing before migrating my current apps to 2.7 runtime.
  • Tested Google Swiffy Flash -> HTML5 converter. Very interesting technology, even if I don't personally need it. I haven't done anything in Flash this far. But I love HTML5.
  • Security Now listening marathon to catch up with latest news.
  • Watched more Google I/O 2011 videos.
  • Found out bug in TFTPD32's DHCP implementation and had fun(?) configuring PXE and Clonezilla. Using full disk images efficiently will radically improve productivity. Installing system will take about 11 minutes + some time to make per computer configuration. But it's still lot faster than installing from CD/DVD and loading drivers etc. Which easily can take up to four hours per computer.