Fintec, Scaleway, Enum, AsyncIO, Aura, F-35, Concurrency, SQL, Pulseaudio

Post date: Apr 1, 2018 7:35:44 AM

  • Studied real-time open payment ecosystem and subscribed newsletter (e-commerce, fintec). I don't usually like attending meetings, but sometimes I do. If travel time is very reasonable and the agenda of the meeting is interesting enough. kw: PSD2, P2P, PFM, ARPP, eCommerce, In Store Payments.
  • Scaleway released ARMv8 based servers. Seems to be powered by Cavium ThunderX SoC ARM64 Processors with 48 cores, those CPUs also support dual socket, which would sound like a good idea for hosting. All of my Python software naturally runs just as well on ARM as it does on X86, I really don't care. Maybe I'll take a spin.
  • Studied Python 3.6 enum - , yet I'm not 100% sure yet, what the benefits are compared to dictionary. As usual, similar functionality can be achieved by multiple different ways. Which way and why is the best, is awesome question. Yet one feature which is something I've been actually looking for is the IntFlag, which allows efficiently bit mapping information and still making easy comparisons, without calling separate masking / comparison function or method.
  • Write Fast Apps Using Async Python 3.6 and Redis - Nice article. Unsurprisingly the Redis Python is very similar to Peewee ORM which can be used with SQLite PostgreSQL etc. Just like Flask is very similar to Bottle. Still haven't had a change to develop something which would seriously use asyncio. But I'll try to utilize that with some project which would actually benefit from it.
  • Aura Home Security System - That's interesting one. This one is just cheaper version for home users of the matrix / matrix detection devices I've blogged earlier. kw: Tomographic motion detector, Cognitive radio, Radio spectrum.
  • When F-35 (A) stelth fighters flew to Estonia, there were several RC-135 (U & W) planes monitoring the Russian signaling. Afaik, that's obvious action. Many people are sometimes surprised by some operations, but if you would be running those operations many actions would be natural. This is just what we do, and it's pretty much standard procedure. If you assume that the adversary is using their most valuable assets, then you should do the same. In this process when they try to acquire information, you'll be acquiring it too. This is also the reason why using advanced cyber weapons is a huge risk, because if the adversary is prepared, you'll be just giving your weapons to them. As we've seen happening. Just wondering if Finland used that change to operate our CASA C-295 - SIGINT plane with Dragon Shield.
  • Go Concurrency Visualize - I think I've covered this same topic several times over. But there's the model where subworkers are being used. That's the model I'm typically using with Python. Because I run several processes, which each runs it's own threads. This is due to Python GIL mostly. So I have to balance suitable count of processes and threads to achieve maximum performance. Number of threads usually depends from underlying latencies and number of processes is usually 1-2 x the number of cores or threads on the system. Sometimes I do use one dispatcher thread which passes work to all other sub processes and threads. But more often I'm using model where the processes are independent and control threads. Basically this model also allows running those processes on several different computers and or NUMA systems efficiently, because there's no need for SMP.
  • SQL Server 2017 will allow Python scripting as native T-SQL stored procedures. That's awesome. Love it! Gotta test it as soon as it's widely available.
  • Finally found reason for that darn audio distortion in Ubuntu which is so annoying that it seems more like trolling code. Yet no need to reboot whole system anymore, just killing the pulseaudio does the trick. pulseaudio -k and it's fixed (for a while). I just wonder why the root cause doesn't get fixed. Afaik, I think it was working for a while. Because after latest updates I've been experiencing this audio distortion problem much more often than I used to.