Finnish web hosting market share study

Post date: Aug 18, 2015 4:28:12 PM

I checked out market share information of Finnish website market share hosting information at Host Advice.

Hosting country market share

Some examples:

Finland 74% (26% outside Finland)

Other 8%

US 7%

United Kingdom 3%

The Netherlands 3%

Germany 3%

Ireland 3%

Hosting company market share

Some examples:

Nebula 20%+ (strong market leader)

Amazon 4%

OVH 3%

Hetzner 2%

LeaseWeb 2%

For full details you should check out the full information page linked at the top of page.

They also told that it's not usual to see such a strong national players like Nebula in many markets. Except of course the OVH and Hetzner in France and Germany accordingly.

Here's the global web hosting market study article and it's infographic about market shares by Host Advice which I found and started wondering and asking about. - Thanks Lurie and Ariel.

Personal thoughts

The only kind of surprise for me personally in this infographic, was the fact how strong players there are in some countries. OVH is in France and Hetzner in Germany, totally dominating their own markets.

It seems as expected that large number of Finnish web sites (.fi TLD domain) aren't hosted in Finland. The fact that large number of sites isn't hosted in Finland, isn't surprise to me personally at all. I do know that hosting in Finland is seriously overpriced. Service providers always ask for 'Finland extra' when hosting in Finland. Same company can even offer hosting in Europe for much cheaper, but when the same service is actually hosted in Finland will just cost more. Service providers like aren't shy about it.

I just have a dream that when Hetzner Online gets their Finnish data center it would change this setting. Maybe, maybe not. I don't know also if it came as surprise to Hetzner that Russia changed their legalization about 'personally identifying information' (PII), and now it needs to be hosted in Russia. Maybe this is a factor, maybe it isn't. I don't know. If you're working at Hetzner I would like know more. We can naturally agree if it's public or not. I do of course honor any requests about not to publish something.

I've also noticed that many Finnish sites are hosted at Amazon in Ireland. If the target market is Finland, then hosting in Frankfurt would be much better in latency and availability terms.

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