.fi domains, Random bug, Right or Wrong, Unique tracking, Networking (4G, Fiber), Cool vs Probable

Post date: Oct 15, 2016 1:44:20 PM

  • .fi domain registration got just freed from most of old regulation. Now anyone can freely register .fi domains, just as many other domains. Because there were a huge rush to register .fi domains, it seems that most of systems weren't properly tested. ovh.net was super slow checking free .fi domains. Which of course was probably expected due to huge rush. It seems that some other service provders worked around that by not checking if domains are free, and still allowing people to register and pay for domains. I've got one of those cases open right now. I'm not naming the vendor just yet. I'll want to get this case finished and down to bottom. Then we can see, what kind of comments I'll put here. OVH also got bug in ther .fi domain validation, they claimed that two letter domain like sl.fi would be too short. Well, it isn't. It's totally fine domain name according all regulation and policies. They confirmed it was a bug, and they failed with the domain registration, and now the domain is registered by other entity and then they refunded everything. Is this satisfaction? No, it was miserable failure. But it wasn't a scam or intentionally bad service. So I'll let the blame naming pass this time.
  • A great example and post about a random bug. As they dug deep enough, it was totally clear that it wasn't random at all. There was a very clear process and reasons why and how the issue occurs.
  • Read article titled: "To tell someone they're wrong, first tell them how they're right". That's exactly what I've been saying. Finding the both edges of the argument. As well as making clear, it can't function incorrectly, if you can't tell when and how it's working correctly. - Once again, why, why, why helps. Always when someone gives you an answer, ask why. What's behind that reasoning? - Just got requirement to change one value from 2M to 40M. I asked why? Let's see what the answer is. - Never got any sane answer. I love things which are just "set it to value 2312", Why? Well, it's good if you set it to value 2312. Even if there's no logical reasoning behind that setting.
  • Yet another tracking payment transactions / goods in inventory discussion. These are rather ridiculous often. Because the requirements and capabilities are so hardly conflicting. They want to track every unit / transaction. Ok, does the unit / transaction have unique identifier. No. Ok, this discussion is totally pointless. Either you have the identifier or not, if you don't have. Let's stop right now. Phew. Over and over again in multiple situations and cases. You can't track, what you can't track, get it? But if we... No, you can't.
  • Other funny discussions where things are being taken out of concept. We market this as something, but technically it's not that, it's something totally different. I can't go into the details. But at one point telcos in Finland marketed 3G-DC as 4G. Which was just utterly stupid bs marketing. That happens all the time, and I'm sure politics is absolutely full of that stuff. We want to make this generic implementation, but with a twist. We don't use anything form that generic implementation and provide a vendor locking as a bonus. But let's market it as this generic global standard, or something like that.
    • Another similar chronic lie from operators is that they're selling fiber optic Internet connection. But when you dig bit deeper into the detail, you're bing connected to TV antenna or CAT3 using VDSL2. Honesty, wtf. What kind of fiber connection is that? Single mode fibers do run to the apartment and next to computer. So why would anyone use EuroDOCSIS 3.0 or VDSL2 crap, which are guaranteed to cause all kind of archaic problems. But as usual, telcos are bsing stupid customers and marketing with hype lies. - Nothing new. If something cool is on the horizon, always market based on it, even if it would be a utter lie. Hype and cool marketing is something I can't really stand. It's so annoying.
  • It's also funny how organizations always tend to accuse external entities before going through self-check. Even if the case is such that it wouldn't make any logical sense for anyone outside doing that. Based on this, I assume it was an illegal covert operation by some agency to break-in (without leaving any sign of break-in of course) and steal an apple from my kitchen desk. Is that's the most probable cause why it's not there? Of course they had technology and skills to circumvent the home security system. They probably entered through wall not to set off door detectors an then used invisibility clock which prevented the microwave, visible range and infrared detectors from going off etc. Lol, really?). But it's possible, isn't it? Maybe I should add ultrasonic sensors too? - Or maybe I just moved or ate the apple and didn't remember that? But that doesn't sound nearly as cool, so I don't think so. - In this case, the accusations made towards our organization were just as ridiculous, but unfortunately I can't reveal any of those.