Facebook, (FRA, NSA, BND), Sea cable, Algorithms, Stale lock, SSL/TLS, BI, OpenStreetMap/Nominatim

Post date: Jun 23, 2014 7:09:38 AM

  • One research claimed that people don't especially trust Facebook and many other web services. That's exactly true. It's one of the reasons why LclBd service is NOT going to require user account or any user identifying information, except cookie / randomly generated user id. We're not asking for email, name or anything else. We think it's fair trade off, because in exchange we're asking for your location information to server you better with local content. Arstechnica writes that it's possible to snoop network traffic. Well, I did this trivially back in 1995 and nothing has changes since, except use of encryption. Yet during that time amount of different applications being used has exploded, and it's always possible to find a loophole to slip through.
  • Plan for Finland to build a sea cable to Germany to avoid FRA (+NSA) snooping seems to be pretty much a complete failure on some levels. NSA is also spying in Germany. Great plan! Ok, it was trivial to guess this already. See: BND
  • Decision tree - Checked it out, while implementing Bayesian filtering for LclBd. Bayes Theorem.
  • Carefully studied quarterly cyber security review by Finnish Cyber Security Bureau.
  • Encountered stale lock with Deluge BitTorrent client. Client didn't start, before I manually deleted the lock file. This is one of the reasons why I implemented my own locking lib, because I'm sick'n'tired of stale locks as well as issues that require manual intervention on servers. Things just should work, even if something hasn't worked exactly as assumed.
  • As we know SSL/TLS certificates are a huge mess. Maybe this new Online Certificate Status Protocol could solve the problem, my validating certificates online. Current problem is that nobody checks for certificate revocations and doing it is quite pointless because attacker can prevent checks when required if that seems to be appropriate action to do.
  • Software providers want to push BI services to smaller companies. I think that sales of BI systems alone isn't going to do it. There should be clear use cases where there are benefits to be gained. Adopting technology X won't bring anything else than costs, if it's not thought carefully what it's being used for. If suitable data sources are available, and there's even one competent and analytical person, it's highly probable that using something simple and efficient like Tableau will bring information insights for the organization. Implementing something rigid and expensive, is quite a bad plan.
  • OpenStreetMap/Nominatim reverse Geocoding gives strange results at times. How this query returns only the house number, no information about street, city, country, etc. - Actually they deleted the object it was referring to, before this post got published. So now it returns expected information.
  • Something different: Low probability intercept radar, Computer generated holography, Stealth technology, Passive radar, Multistatic radar.