Exfat, MeWe, Darknet, Networking, PEP553, Cloud, UDF, Python

  • I'm just wondering if Ubuntu 18.04 update fixed the exFAT issues I were experiencing. Mainly corrupted free space bitmap where some clusters are left marked as being occupied. I'll follow if the corruption comes back. But sofar it seems that the upgrade from 16.04 to 18.04 could have affected the exfat. Or maybe not? Who knows. 100% feeling based speculation without hard facts. - Update after one year, it still happens at times, but not nearly as often as it used to.
  • MeWe Privacy Bill of Rights - I hope that Facebook would have similar statement, but well, they don't.
  • Darknet Diaries - Re-linking, because it's just so awesome stuff. Not referring to any specific episode here.
  • Took broken external storage disk device apart and replaced the drive inside, working as expected. It's nice to do something concrete for a while. As well as I got the magnets and disks out while extracting it.
  • Configured a few environments to use Kuusitunneli and some others are using he.net's tunnelbroker. Yet, it's just so annoying that all ISPs still won't provide IPv6 connectivity directly.
  • Played with Google DNS64 DNS service + NAT64 gateway for a while to find out how stuff works in practice for sites without direct IPv4 connectivity. Btw, TREX and Kuusitunneli are also providing these services nowadays.
  • Played with PEP 553 breakpoint() and it's nice. Technically not a big difference compared to pdb.set_trace() but sure, it's easier and cleaner to use.
  • Read a nice technical comparison of features between MySQL 8 and PostgreSQL 10 (Postgres). Including architecture, ecosystem, technical implementation, multi processing, reliability, replication, garbage collection, update write over head, memory efficiency and so on.
  • Good timing, because I've just had different kind of reliability and performance meetings with several customers, how to improve both. Because there's always room for improvement on these areas. Lazy vs Eager evaluation, meaning of mass storage latency to over all performance, lock contention and all the classic issues. I think nothing new came up, but that's hardly surprising. Lots of discussion about minimizing critical sections and so on.
  • A few interesting observations from Cloudflare firewall rule updater logs and database. It seems that Cloudflare has dropped some of the IPv6 networks they were using. Four months ago, they had 7 prefixes announced, and now they got only six. Which all others are /32 and one is huge 2a06:98c0::/29. IPv4 networks and addresses haven't seen any changes.
  • Fingerprints and security - It's now confirmed that in Finland police may unlock any devices and doors protected with fingerprint when required. No surprises there. But you're not obligated to give out any password or pin codes.
  • Tested and played with Hetzner Cloud Volumes, quite nice. It's implemented better than the similar extra storage volumes with ScaleWay. Upcloud provides also awesome high performance block storage volumes using their MaxIOPS storage.
  • Encountered new file format UOF. That's nice, now we've got even more formats to support. Luckily I haven't ever encountered any compatibility issues between different office formats and different apps. Everything has been always working perfectly. - NOT!
  • Reminded myself about good old CAT cabling - , standards, categories and different measurement values. Which kind of speeds can be run over which kind of cables and for how long distances.
  • Python 3.7.1 what's new? Well, pretty little. Because it's maintenance release. But installing it wasn't so straightforward on every computer because. * Update this after re-install * Rage package manager messed up things, can't use Python 3.7.0 or 3.7.1 because there are cross version dependencies. Cannot install right version. Great work guys! You think fix would work, nope, no way, because both versions are dependent on the other version being installed. Classical trolling I would say. Dependency deadlock? A needs B and B needs A, can't do anything at all. Well, I decided to remove whole python and reinstall it. Nope, didn't fix the issue. I had to even autoremove all unused related libraries. But still setup fails. Maybe I'll need to cleanup everything and reboot, classic.